Best SOTU Ever II: Extra Most Bestest

Dang.  Trump just keeps getting better and better.  If you thought last year’s State of the Union Address was good, then listen to THIS:

President Trump turned last night’s State of the Union Address into prime time television.  It was informative, persuasive, and downright entertaining.

Indeed, I can already picture the wags at National Review and other NeverTrump and Trump-skeptical outlets tut-tutting that Trump’s address is “beneath the decorum of the office” and the like.  Talk about a bunch of scrooges.

It was a powerful speech.  Trump started detailing all of the accomplishments of the past few years, with a specific focus on the improved conditions of black America.  That’s a clever way to put the pressure on Democrats:  compared to President Obama’s abysmal economic record, President Trump—so often slandered, unfairly, as a “racist”—has done far more to improve the lives of black Americans.

He then lit into Democrats for their multiple failures, specifically their addiction to the siren song of socialism.  It was a great way to expose their deadly ideology to the American public.

There were two particularly poignant moments, both of which got me a little misty.  The first was when President Trump awarded talk-radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh, who revealed on his program Monday that he is struggling with advanced lung cancer, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  And GEOTUS didn’t waste anytime:  he awarded Rush the Medal LIVE, with First Lady Melania Trump fastening the Medal around Rush’s neck.  Leftist heads exploded all over the country.

The second was when a family was reunited with their father and husband, a soldier who had been deployed overseas.  I’m a sucker for these family reunifications, and this one was no different—I didn’t quite cry like a baby, but I wanted to.  It was an amazing, touching, beautiful moment.

The old cliche about the SOTU is that supporters of the president always think it’s a great speech, and detractors always think it stinks.  There’s some truth to that—otherwise, it wouldn’t be a cliche—but Trump’s SOTU was truly great on its merits.  For one, he had tons of genuinely good news to announce.  For another, he made a usually moribund snoozefest into a celebration of America.

It was the perfect show the night before the Senate is to vote on the articles of impeachment.  I have to imagine there are Americans calling their Senators this morning urging them to keep GEOTUS in office.

Of course, he should be acquitted easily.  Let’s hope Republicans hold ranks—especially the perfidious Romney—and that a few Democrats break and vote against it.

Meanwhile, the Iowa Democratic caucuses are still in chaos, though it looks like the queen and the socialist are leading, with ten delegates apiece with about 62% of precincts reporting.

All in all, it looks like another great week for conservatives and Trump.  Barring some unforeseen twist, we should be looking at an acquittal in the Senate later today.  On to victory!

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