Iowa Caucuses: Disaster on the Prairie

After some uncertainty and a great deal of speculation, the results are in:  incumbent President Donald Trump has won the Iowa Republican caucuses in a landslide victory reminiscent of a Latin American dictator, clinching 97.1% of caucus-goers’ votes.  Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed to see only clinched thirty-nine of the forty available delegates (Bill Weld managed to snag one with his impressive 1.3% vote share).

Oh, wait, you wanted the Democratic caucus results?  Geeze, well, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.  Regular readers will note that this post is hitting very late in the day for me, and there’s a reason unrelated to Democratic incompetence (and/or the Party’s attempt to rig the caucuses against Bernie).

I spent most of the school day moderating a middle school quiz bowl tournament, then headed straight into a lengthy faculty meeting.  I thought, “surely they’ll have results by the time I can write today’s blog post.”

Well, here it is, a little after 5 PM EST the day after the caucuses, and still no results.  Troy Price, the Iowa Democratic Party’s State Chairman, apparently promised results by 5 PM EST today, but The New York Times still isn’t showing any results (as of about 5:06 PM EST).

Maybe by the time this post goes live we’ll have some ideas.  The speculation and polling seem to be that Bernie Sanders did quite well.  Even my local radio station this morning suggested as much:  Ken Ard had a reporter on the air who has apparently been traveling with the Biden campaign, and she indicated that much of the buzz was around Bernie.  Biden, on the other hand, is struggling to draw crowds of forty people—as a former Vice President!

Wait, not so fast!  It’s now about 5:12 PM EST, and it looks the Des Moines Register is starting to release some results.  As of this writing, it looks Buttigieg has a narrow lead over The Bern.

Well, we’ll see.  I’m going to grade some quizzes and head to concert band rehearsal.  Here’s hoping we’ll have a full picture by tonight.

One last note:  while the Democrats have botched their first big election right out of the gate (and, remember, these people think they know what’s better for you than you do for yourself), President Trump’s approval rating has jumped to 49% for the first time in his presidency—his best to date, and beating President Obama at the same point in his presidency.



8 thoughts on “Iowa Caucuses: Disaster on the Prairie

  1. […] “Iowa Caucuses: Disaster on the Prairie” – The Democrats love to sell themselves as do-gooding technocrats who “know how to get things done” (I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Warren has said that, with all the earnestness of every girl who cried over making a 98 on a quiz, constantly over the past year).  Yet they botched the much-watched Iowa caucuses in spectacular fashion, using suspect technology with close ties to some of the candidates to calculate the results.  Sometimes good old pencil and paper really are the way to go.  Of course, that muddying of the waters screwed up the momentum for both the Bernie and the Buttigieg camps, and may have had downstream effects on both campaigns. […]


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