SubscribeStar Saturday: Culture Matters

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Last night I wrote a bit about my visit to a short teachers’ conference.  I appreciate these conferences for what they are; that is, an opportunity to learn from other professionals, to do some light networking, and to shake up the humdrum of the typical workweek with something different.

The most resonant session I attended “The Right Fight: Why Faculty Culture is a School’s Greatest Resource.”  The presenter argued that faculty culture is hugely important, but often overlooked, resulting in disgruntled, overworked, underappreciated employees—and all of the consequences that go with it.

The foundational premise of the presentation was that “Culture Matters.”  The application of this concept applies broadly beyond education.

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3 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Culture Matters

  1. […] “SubscribeStar Saturday: Culture Matters” – Culture matters!  That was the point of an excellent presentation I attended at the conference that occasioned the post above.  The presentation was specifically about the importance of growing and maintaining a healthy faculty culture, which largely means being thankful for faculty efforts, giving them the option to say no, and preventing burnout.  Read the whole thing with a subscription of just $1 a month! […]


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