#MAGAWeek2019: Alexander Hamilton

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Last year for #MAGAWeek2018 I highlighted several of our great Founding Fathers, including obvious picks like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.  I also threw in the less-obvious son of a Framer, John Quincy Adams.  One key Framer I left out:  the ubiquitous Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton has enjoyed a huge renaissance in recent years due to the smash Broadway musical about his life.  That has done more to put Hamilton into the public consciousness than any biography of the Secretary of Treasury’s life could hope to do (although Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to write Hamilton after reading Ron Chernow’s extensive biography).  My students now are excited when we hit Washington’s administration in AP US History class, and many of them know more Hamilton than I do.

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9 thoughts on “#MAGAWeek2019: Alexander Hamilton

  1. […] “Alexander Hamilton” – Hamilton engenders a great deal of debate between decentralist Jeffersonians (such as myself) and centralists, but his influence on and importance to America’s early political and financial formation cannot be denied—indeed, it should be celebrated.  Jefferson and Madison were probably correct, constitutionally, on the issue of the national bank—Congress had no explicit constitutional authority to create such an institution—but Hamilton’s financial reforms placed the nation on solid financial footing, ensuring the United States had the financial infrastructure in place for explosive growth and expansion. […]


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