TPP Summertime Update

Even with cities burning and an election mere months away, the summertime doldrums have hit.  “Doldrums” isn’t exactly the right word, as things are going pretty well, but the long (for me) Father’s Day weekend distracted me from the woes of the world.

There’s also the issue of unlimited free time that is summer vacation.  Don’t get me wrong—I’m not complaining—but when I have one slender hour in the day to get my blog post done, I tend to be much more productive and focused.  It takes pressure to make diamonds—or 600-word blog posts full of sweeping generalizations.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on SubscribeStar content.  I still owe $5 subs a couple of editions of Sunday Doodles, which I will have up soon.  All subscribers missed out on a SubscribeStar Saturday post, which I will also attempt to make up soon.

History of Conservative Thought is going well, and we have two more meetings before the Fourth of July break.  This Wednesday we’ll be reading documents from John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists/Northern Conservatives.  Next week we’ll dive into Southern Conservatism with John Randolph of Roanoke and (possibly) some excerpts from Richard Weaver‘s Southern Essays.

So that’s it for a quick Monday update.  Be on the lookout for more substance tomorrow.


Happy Father’s Day!

It’s been a busy weekend, thus the delayed post.  In lieu of the regular Lazy Sunday post, I’ve opted (out of expediency) to simply wish all the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day.

I got to spend some quality time with my dad, my mom, my two brothers, and my sister-in-law, and my niece and nephews over the weekend.  Dad enjoyed lunch at Red Lobster, and I gave him Tucker Carlson’s Ship of Fools on CD for his long commute.

The Sunday morning sermon at my parents’ church was quite good, and avoided the pitfall of Father’s Day sermons that mock fathers for being weaklings, an unfortunate trend that Dalrock identified on his site.

Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow.


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