Lazy Sunday V: Progressivism, Part I

A number of my posts diagnose and analyze the impulses underpinning modern progressive Leftism.  This week’s Lazy Sunday will look back at some of those posts; stay tuned for Part II next Sunday.

One thing I’ve learned from studying Leftism is that (to paraphrase Nietzsche) if you stare into the abyss too long, the abyss stares back.  It becomes remarkably easy to adopt, without even realizing it, their tactics and hatred.  I imagine it’s like studying demonology:  what starts out as an attempt to learn the Enemy’s tactics can easily turn into something more sinister.

With that warning, it’s important to understand how the Left operates, and why it’s been able to win for so long.  Only by doing so can we begin to fight back effectively.

As such, here are some posts on progressive Leftism for Lazy Sunday V:

1.) “Progressivism and Political Violence” – this post was one of my first exploring the Left’s predilection for street-level violence (and, more wickedly, the use of official state violence) to achieve its ends.  My prediction was that, should the Left use nearly total political control (including the courts), it would not hesitate to resort more extensively to street thuggery, doxxing, and other nefarious methods to disrupt the lives of conservatives.  If you just read one essay this lazy Sunday, read “Progressivism and Political Violence.”

2.) “Progressivism and Political Violence II: Candace Owens and the Deficiency of Decorum” – a follow-up to “Progressivism and Political Violence,” this essay explores the idea of “decorum,” which the Establishment Right has used as an excuse to “fight” the Left with both hands tied behind its back.  My contention here is that these traditional restraints are breaking down, and we have to be willing to fight back, tooth and nail, if necessary.  They want us destroyed simply because we want to pursue our own way of life, and don’t unabashedly embrace theirs; we just want to be left alone.  Unfortunately, the Left won’t let us.

3.) “Secession Saturday” – speaking of the Left’s desire to destroy us, I’m increasingly reading commentators discuss the possibility of “peaceful separation.”  This post explores that idea (briefly) in the context of an essay from American Greatness by Christopher Roach.  Roach argued that, even if a peaceful separation of progressive Leftists and traditional conservatives is possible, the totalitarian Left would never allow it.  Case in point…

4.) “Totalitarian Leftism Strikes Back” – even science-fiction writing can’t catch a break.  Everything must be dominated by the Left, even—especially—culture.  The Left spent most of the twentieth century marching through the institutions of the West, taking control of the academy, the arts, entertainment, churches, etc., so that even when it lacks political power, it always dominates in the culture.

These posts are just the tip of the iceberg.  Stay tuned next Sunday for Part II.

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