Miscellaneous Midweek Updates

We’re halfway through May and the blog is hitting 1600 days of consecutive posts tomorrow (today is 1599 days, which comes to 4.38 years).  I’ve really been struggling the past few weeks with extremely long days and poor sleep. My brain, naturally, is fried.

All that being said, it seemed like a good time for a midweek update.  Here are some plans for the blog, as well as some little projects I have in the works:

  • I’ll be dipping my toes back into some political commentary in the near future thanks to President Trump’s masterful CNN appearance and some of Tucker Carlson‘s post-defenestration speeches.  2024 is going to be a wild year.
  • Over on the subscriber-only version of the blog at SubscribeStar, I’ll continue my series on my trip to Washington, D.C., after this weekend.  I’ve been asked to give the lesson/homily/sermon at the baccalaureate service for our graduating seniors, and I’ll be posting the full text for subscribers on Saturday.
  • I’m continuing to compose piano miniatures, though I need to catch up on my red tardy slips project.  I’d like to have some lo-fi recordings of that ready for the next Bandcamp Friday, which is not until 4 August 2023.
    • I arranged two pieces, “Song of the Bigfoot” and “Chorale for a Sleepy Wednesday,” for a small ensemble with typical rock instrumentation—pianos, guitars, basses, and drums—and similarly hope to take some simple recordings of my Middle School Music Ensemble performing those pieces.  Also, one of my private guitar students is playing “Song of the Bigfoot” at the TJC Spring Jam & Recital on Friday, 26 May 2023.
  • Due to the baccalaureate service, I’ve had to reschedule a planned book signing event my cousin is organizing.  It’s for my latest book, Arizonan Sojourn, South Carolinian Dreams: And Other Adventures.  I’ve had an additional thirty paperback copies arrive, and am waiting for ten more hardcover copies to ship.
  • I’ll be hitting the open mic scene again very soon.  Summertime affords me the time and energy to get back out there, and I’m excited to get some new live footage.
    • To that end, I hope to start booking some gigs again soon, though I’ve been hoping as such for a couple of years now.  The motivation to get out and play is not what it once was, but it’s good to keep my name and my music out there.
  • I am brainstorming a third book, which will also pull heavily from this blog.  More details to come, but I’m hoping to have something out well before Christmas.

That’s it for these quick updates.  What would you like to see more of from yours portly?  Leave a comment below.

Happy Hump Day!



6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Midweek Updates

  1. Congradulations – “… I’ve been asked to give the lesson/homily/sermon at the baccalaureate service for our graduating seniors …”

    What fun! “… one of my private guitar students is playing “Song of the Bigfoot” at the TJC Spring Jam & Recital on Friday, 26 May 2023.”

    That’s quite a list – but I didn’t see anything about the Bigfoot Festival you thought you might attend as a vendor AND I don’t see anything about SLEEP as recovery from the now closing school year.

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  2. You know what I’d like to see and hear but I’d rather you took some rest, maybe away from the blog, and recharged. I don’t think anyone here would begrudge a post every two days while you get some well earned rest. 👍

    I hope you keep your promises better than I do. I’m in Michelangelo stage with my book, still staring at the marble rather than picking up the hammer and chisel. I’ll get there eventually but I’m done making promises. Commenting, after all I said, isn’t distracting me at all and I have a fervent need to keep up with the news, even though I know we’re all going to hell on a hand cart.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you, and Audre, have on the horizon. Your talents are extensive and there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Warm wishes and the best of luck, mate.

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    • I think I have just hit that end-of-the-semester slump. Today is the first day in about two weeks where I woke up feeling mostly refreshed, and it’s amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for your perception of the world.

      Today is a long day with lessons and such, but tomorrow is a bit lighter, and Friday is easy—Awards Day in the morning, Eighth Grade Graduation that night, with a nice long gap of downtime in the afternoon. I’ve only scheduled lunch for that time, nothing else—no lessons, etc.

      I’m a slave to the streak counter on the blog, unfortunately, but I might take a week at some point and just rerun some of TPP’s Greatest Hits. That would give me a bit of a rest.

      Thanks to you and Audre for your contributions, which helped immensely with the workload.

      Finally, pick up the hammer! Carve out thirty minutes every day (whenever works best for you) and write something, anything. Once you get into the habit, it will get easier and easier, and your thirty minutes will expand. You’ll have a draft of that novel in no time!

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      • That’s a good idea, regarding the reruns. I think you need a box set, snacks, Murphy and a little down time. You’ll feel better after that.

        If stories are true, Michelangelo stared at that piece of marble for months. I’m working and reworking things in my head. Sitting down and writing will do me no good at the moment and like I said, I’m the worst person in the world for sticking to promises. I’ll write it in my own good time or I won’t. We’ll see.

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