You Can’t Cuck the Tuck IV: They Cucked the Tuck!

It’s been nearly three years since I last wrote an installment of You Can’t Cuck the Tuck, but not because I grew disinterested in Tucker Carlson’s insightful commentary.  Quite the opposite:  his powerful, succinct analysis of our current ills has only deepened my respect for him and his worldview even more.  That he delivers his critiques with mirth, laughter, and good humor only strengthens them.

Sadly, Fox News—an organization that hasn’t done anything particularly interesting since Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld—has embraced cuckery and kicked The Tuck to the curb.  The last vestige of FNC as a truly conservative option in the space of mainstream cable news is now gone.

Speculation abounds as to why Carlson was fired, as well as what comes next for his populist commentary (note that Carlson rejected the label “populist” for himself, arguing he is really an elitist who just wants a competent ruling class that functions in the interests of the American people, but I’m using the term here for brevity’s sake—this lengthy parenthetical aside notwithstanding).

Paul Joseph Watson offers up a good summary of the firing here:

It’s little surprise to me that a stick-in-the-mud female booking agent named Abby Grossberg complained about Carlson’s prep school locker room talk (what red-blooded American male doesn’t talk about attractive women?)—and unplugged Christmas lights in the office because it celebrates a holiday her faith doesn’t recognize.

The story of The Tuck’s cucking seems to be rife with anti-Christian, anti-masculine sentiment.  Allegedly, Rupert Murdoch fired Carlson in part because his now-ex-fiancée was a devout Christian, and loved The Tuck’s faith.  Murdoch is apparently extremely hostile to God, to the point that he once counted how many times Glenn Beck invoked The Lord’s Name on his old Fox News show.  More damning (no pun intended), he seems to have fired Carlson to spite his religious ex-fiancée.

I’m not worried about The Tuck.  He’s going to be fine.  I hope he runs for President someday.

Fox News is dead, though.  They shed nearly a billion in value after The Tuck’s firing.  They might linger on, but they’re not what they used to be.  We can thank Tucker Carlson and, to an extent, Donald Trump for ripping the mask off the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


2 thoughts on “You Can’t Cuck the Tuck IV: They Cucked the Tuck!

  1. You should link this piece into Kathy Gyngell’s piece – also on Carlson – on TCW today. It’ll generate a lot of interest. I’d do it myself but I’m not on the computer. 👍

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