Election Day 2022

Well, here it is—Election Day 2022.  The much-vaunted midterms have arrived, and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty good day for Republicans.

I’ll admit, I’ve been tuned out from and burned out on politics of late, and while I’m optimistic about today’s results for Republicans, I’m a tad disillusioned with the state of electoral politics generally.  Will a “red wave” result in some meaningful reform this time around, or will GOP Establishment types wrangle the feisty upstarts and neutralize the MAGA Wing?

I’m not a “doomer” by any stretch—I sincerely hope for the latter, and I think it is the future of the Republican Party, if the GOP hopes to survive as a viable political party.  History, however, is not an encouraging indicator.

That said, a sweeping Republican victory is, by any measure, vastly preferable to a sweeping Democratic one.  At worst, I know a Republican House and Senate won’t screw things up further, and may make some marginal improvements; but a Democratic House and Senate, at worst, will double-down on the current insanity of lawlessness and moral relativism.

That’s really what this election boils down to:  do we want a government that operates in the interest of scofflaws and rent-seekers, that lends credence to every manner of immoral and decadent “lifestyle”?  Or do we want a government focused on governing in the interests of average Americans, ones that looks out for the people that it represents, not ultra-fringe minority groups that demand “acceptance” from and jackbooted crackdowns against those who don’t endorse their bedroom antics?

God is in Control.  I can’t speak for Him, but He Ultimately Decides who serves in office.  That said, I can’t believe He would want us voting for any Democrat.  He might not want us supporting some Republicans, for that matter, but there is no way to be a Bible-believing Christian and endorse any Democratic political candidate.  Sure, there might be one or two pro-life Democrats still clinging on desperately to power somewhere, but those are the extremely rare exception to the demonic rule.

I think there are some deep problems in the Republican Party that must be addressed.  That can come another day.  Today we need to vote for Republicans up and down the ballot in every race.

Praise Moloch or Praise Christ.  You decide.


15 thoughts on “Election Day 2022

  1. Good piece, Tyler. 🙂

    As I said on Neo yesterday, the Republicans should clean up. If they don’t, there’ll be questions asked again on the ballots. I’m presuming the Dems are still looking at long dead voters?

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  2. I said a prayer this morning before I even did the Morning Office, begging God to help us bring our country back to Him. Win, lose, or draw – it’s all in His hands.

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  3. If the Republicans do win tonight by a massive amount, I want to see a Port special open mic where he sings, America, F*** Yeah from Team America! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. Just heard a former Democrat on Talk Radio say that he voted Republican earlier. He thinks that Republicans across the country should back Ron DeSantis for the presidential nomination and I agree with him.

    DeSantis, in my opinion, could hold the Whitehouse for two terms and reposition the US as stable and sane again. I know that would be a pain for Audre, losing her governor, but the US would be all the better for it.

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