TBT: Disorder

It’s easy to forget now, but last summer was terrifying.  Race riots erupted in cities all over the country as a result of the death of George Floyd, a fentanyl-addicted career criminal who has now been sainted by our elites.  The summer of rioting and looting did more to undermine racial harmony and social peace in our nation than any event of the last decade.

Now that The Usurper Biden sits upon the throne, the rioting seems to have subsided, as least for now, although there was a shooting at George Floyd Square amid the one-year anniversary observance of his death.  Even so, I remember how scary last summer was, with radical, violent BLM and Antifa protests breaking out even here in South Carolina.

Part of the growing homesteading movement seems inspired, in part, by the wild lawlessness of the cities.  Why live cheek-by-jowl with people who hate you because of your supposed privilege—and pay a hefty premium in rent to do so—when you can live affordably and safely in the country?  I have at least one neighbor who seems to be doing that, and I’ve made some half-hearted efforts of my own at the same.

Regardless, I pray for peace—and prepare for the worst.  I’d encourage you to do the same.

Here is 5 June 2020’s “Disorder“:

It’s been a scary week in the United States as the nation’s cities engage in an orgy of violence and looting in reaction to the death of George Floyd.  From all accounts, it seems that Floyd’s death was unwarranted, but my experience with these situations is that more evidence quietly appears after the fact that breaks down the “gentle giant” narrative (see also: Ahmed Arbury, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc., etc., etc.).

Regardless, the reaction from blacks and white Leftists is completely reprehensible and evil.  One man’s (allegedly) unjustified death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer does not justify a week of pillaging and death.

Of course, for the actors involved, precious few of them truly care about George Floyd, or even the rights of black Americans—and that probably includes many of the black participants.  For blacks and white Lefties, it’s an opportunity to steal and plunder as much loot as possible while Democratic municipal governments give rioters “space” to destroy.  It’s a grievance window in which rioters can cloak themselves in virtue—“we’re fighting systemic racism!”—to get free televisions.

Even worse, it’s a chance to unleash the most animalistic impulses of Americans.  There’s nothing but blind rage.  For a certain subset of angry blacks, it’s a chance to get a one-up on the people (often responsible black business owners) they perceive to be responsible for their sorry lots in life.  Lacking the introspection to recognize their own failures, and the intelligence to improve, they revel in destruction.

For the white hipsters of AntiFa, they suffer from decades of miseducation—the “Victims Study” school of American pedagogy—and wealthy but aloof parents.  They’re a generation raised on antidepressants and anxiety medication, who can’t take the slightest criticism or backlash.  Any disagreement is not the reasoned differing of another mind, but the existence of a competing worldview that must be eradicated in order that the precious snowflake’s fragile psyche not suffer.  In lives devoid of meaning, Left-wing politics and violent street demonstrations are their attempts at finding any.

There’s the virtue-signalling, too, with whites fawning over blacks like favorite pets.  The way that progressive whites police each other on Twitter—“we need to make policies that protect blacks!”—“no, we need to be quiet, stop talking, and let blacks tell us what to do!”—is a talismanic incantation against the ultimate curse, “Racism.”  What better way to show you’re “down with the struggle” then throwing a brick through a store window?

At bottom, though, both the subset of blacks and whites involved in this destructive behavior are missing meaning.  And that meaning can only come through the Truth of the Gospels and a knowledge of Jesus Christ.  God is the central Order to the Universe; rejection of Him breeds disorder.

Blacks at least have a quasi-Christian spirituality, though most black churches in America today are cargo cults of prosperity gospel and performative spiritual role-playing.  White progressives eschew religion almost entirely, or wear it lightly.  Many of them are non-observant Jews or lax High Church Protestants, if anything.

Get a gun, get a Bible, and get out of the cities.


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