Phone it in Friday XXIV: A Fresh Corporate History International Sighting with KitKat Bars

For the first time since 20 December 2020, musician, actor, and writer Frederick Ingram has posted to his niche blog, Corporate History International (with the great, if somewhat cumbersome, URL of  It’s a short piece about the KitKat Bar, that delicious, wafery little delight with the memorable jingle:

Specifically, Ingram links to a fluffy piece at The Atlantic about all the wild flavors of KitKat bars available in Japan.  The Japanese have gone all out, with flavors like cheesecake, orange chocolate, pistachio, and matcha.

I recently had the opportunity to try a new flavor of KitKat.  After hearing Yngwie Malmsteen play last month, we stopped at a gas station for some late-night snackables before making the long drive home.  There among the various staples of convenience store goodness was the lone remaining king-sized KitKat:  mint chocolate.

My girls and I both love mint chocolate anything.  My family has often teased for me for my love of this flavor of ice cream, but I can’t help it that it’s refreshing and breath-freshening.

Anyway, the crispy, crunchy “form factor,” as Ingram puts it, of the KitKat paired perfectly with the chocolaty, minty goodness.  What other flavor combos could there be?

The Hersheyland website sells a few directly:  the aforementioned mint chocolate (billed as a “duo,” as it’s technically two flavors), as well as blueberry muffin; mocha and chocolate; and strawberry and dark chocolate, among others.

But the Japanese are spoiled for choice.  One website showcases a whopping 204 flavors, with flavors like milk coffee (wah?), soy sauce, and pineapple.  I wonder if the soy sauce flavor would be good over white rice?  That’s the kind of question that leads to bachelor cuisine experiments.

Regardless, I’m thrilled to see Corporate History International return, especially with such a sweet treat of a post.  Here’s hoping for more!

Happy Friday!



7 thoughts on “Phone it in Friday XXIV: A Fresh Corporate History International Sighting with KitKat Bars

  1. I discovered the mint chocolate ones when I was doing Art Heist Experience in Charlotte in the winter of ’20. They were very well received amongst our security guards. Dark chocolate and not too sweet.

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