Loomer and Liz

Today Laura Loomer—the most censored woman in America—is taking a stab at the Republican nomination for her congressional district in Florida, which includes The Villages, the massive retirement community.  She’s running against incumbent Daniel Webster, who skipped the Trump impeachment vote and is therefore, according to Loomer, complicit in it, as well as some swarthy nobody who might get a couple of percentage points.

Laura Loomer’s election—if she wins the primary, she’ll very likely win the very pro-Trump Florida 11th congressional district—would be a major boon for the America First movement, and would be yet another repudiation of the Establishment Republicans who are content to fiddle about an “insurrection” while the nation burns.

That very same Establishment suffered a major defeat last week, when busybody and daddy’s princess Liz Cheney fell to a Trump-endorsed candidate in the Republican primary for Wyoming’s single congressional district.  Cheney’s defeat was a drubbing of epic proportions:  she only garnered 28.94% of votes cast, with her opponent Harriet Hageman winning with 66.33% of the vote.  Talk about a “repudiation of the Establishment Republicans,” am I right?

It’s a tale of two candidates.  Liz Cheney represents the ossified, corrupt, dynastic, moralistic, staid, boring, ineffectual, kabuki theatre style of politics that has haunted our dear Republic for the last century.  Loomer, on the other hand, is the bold, persecuted, spicy, fun, energetic, bombastic future.

If she wins today, it’s icing on the cake of Cheney’s defeat.

Loomer has a good shot.  Folks down in The Villages seem to like her—and retirees love to vote!  My girlfriend’s parents live in that district, and they’re voting for Loomer after seeing many of her signs around the place (and after doing their own research).

If you think Marjorie Taylor Greene makes the Establishment of both parties melt down, wait until Loomer gets in.  She’s like the Notorious M.T.G. on steroids.  Loomer’s already lost everything—she can’t even have food delivered to her house using Uber Eats!—for the conservative-populist cause; she’s got an ax bigger than Paul Bunyan’s to grind, and she’s likely to do so on Mitch McConnell’s bony butt.

And, let’s face it:  at this point, aren’t we voting for candidates, in part, to nuke the system?  At the very least, we’re looking for candidates who are like radical chemotherapy.  Sure, they might wreck some stuff in the process, but the wrecking is necessary to remove the cancerous tumor that is Cultural Marxism from our institutions.

But Loomer is actually a good candidate.  She is hard on immigration—she’s called for a ten-year moratorium on legal immigration, which I think is brilliant and absolutely necessary (I’d just make it longer!)—and is pro-life.  She’s also Jewish, so she can always pull out the J-Card against opponents (look, I don’t like it when people use their ethnicity or faith as some kind of card to obtain personal benefit, but if the Left is doing it, let’s play their game and make them explain why it’s okay for them, but not for us).  I think she gets a little too caught up in Israeli stuff, but that’s everyone in Washington.

So if you’re down in Florida District 11 today, go and vote for Loomer.  She’s everything Liz Cheney isn’t—bold, fresh, witty, entertaining, fun, and conservative.

TPP is pro-Loomer, anti-Liz.

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