Loomer for Congress

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.  The record of women’s suffrage has been dubious, but our nation has enjoyed its share of qualified and exceptional female politicians, such as South Carolina’s own Nikki Haley.

One woman to add to that group is Laura LoomerLoomer, 27, is running for Congress in President Trump’s home district in south Florida.  Today is the Republican primary, and The Portly Politico sincerely hopes Ms. Loomer wins.  If she does, she’ll go on to compete against Democrat Lois Frankel, who has represented Florida US House District 21 since 2013.

Loomer is the most-censored woman in America—probably the most censored person, period.  Her crime:  bucking the establishment orthodoxy.  Loomer gained notoriety a few years ago when she crashed a production of Julius Caesar that placed President Trump in the title role (remember, the Roman Senators stabbed Caesar), allowing for some macabre wish fulfillment among the well-heeled progressives in attendance.  She also handcuffed herself to Twitter headquarters to protest their double standards—banning the Right for the mildest of rhetoric, but upholding Leftist calls for violence against conservatives.

Loomer is so banned—she can’t use PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, etc.—that Comcast-Xfinity blocked her congressional campaign from sending texts and making calls to potential supporters!

Despite these intentional obstructions from Big Tech, Loomer has dominated pollsHer fundraising, too, is far above her Republican opponents and Frankel’s (although Frankel enjoys a larger war chest).  There is clearly excitement and momentum behind Loomer’s run.

At a time when the Senate has lost Jeff Sessions and immigration patriots are thin on the ground, a bold, alternative voice like Loomer’s is needed in Congress.  She’s the anti-AOC:  a feisty rebel who represents the Trumpian wing of the Republican Party.  And anyone who hangs out with Milo on a regular basis is the kind of chaos agent we need kicking up sand in Congress.

Loomer sometimes goes a little too hard on the Israeli stuff—her Telegram feed sometimes reads like she’s running for the Israeli parliament, not the United States Congress—but she’s running in Palm Beach, Florida; in other words, she knows her constituents (Loomer is also Jewish).  Playing up the Democratic Party’s legacy of anti-Semitism is a smart move for her in a heavily Jewish district.

Here’s wishing Ms. Loomer the best of luck today.  If you’re in Florida US House District 21, be sure to cast your vote for her today!


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