Happy Birthday, Murphy!

Today my dog Murphy turns nine-years old.  According to the records I have from The Bull Terrier Rescue Mission, she was born 15 June 2013, which is a pretty easy date to remember.

Last summer I suddenly, inexplicably went a bit dog crazy.  I was not looking for a bull terrier at all, but stumbled upon one on at Petfinder.  I spoke with a representative from BTRM, and we realized that that particular dog would not be a good fit for me due to his advanced age and delicate health issues.

She put my information into their database and said it might be a few months before a dog came available in my area.  One week later, while moving a then-girlfriend to Athens, Georgia, I got a call from BTRM asking me to foster an older girl who was good with children and other dogs.

About ten days later, I had Murphy.

She was a mess at the time—a bad rash, creaky joints, uncut toenails—but to me, she was perfect.  I knew the day I picked her up in North Carolina that she was my dog, and I was her human.

Two months later, I formally adopted Murphy.  A few months after that she had her six-month checkup, and the veterinarian said she looked like a completely different dog.

She’s a bit chunky around the middle (so am I!), but I love her.

Murphy - Birthday Bone

Happy Birthday, Murphy!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Murphy!

  1. Happy Birthday Murphy! 🙂

    Do you have anything planned for her, except a mammoth feeding? 🙂

    She seems to like it when you sing to her.

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    • The mammoth feeding is the major plan, but that’s honestly not too different from our typical day. : D

      She had a bath with our favorite groomer, Cassidy, last Friday, and already devoured the massive rawhide pictured. I’m going to create some kind of massive, Frankenstein’s Monster treat for her when I get home from camp/lessons today: a combination of rawhide, Milk Bones, hot dogs, and peanut butter. I imagine it will take her about thirty seconds to eat it all (except the rawhide portion—that’ll take about fifteen minutes).

      Murphy loves her food, that’s for sure.

      As for the singing, I think she mostly just likes me loving on her.

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  2. Happy birthday Murph!!! Gosh, Port … LOL … that poor dog has a face only a mother (or you!) could love, lol. I’m so happy you found each other. Love your Murph.

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