Supporting Friends Friday: Bette Cox on Heavenly Music

“God loves music. He invented it.”  Thus begins Bette Cox‘s wonderful piece—aptly titled “God loves music“—about music and its divine origins.

As a lover of music myself, I’ve long believed that the existence of music—that certain frequencies together create consonant harmonies and beautiful textures, that the mere manipulation of sound waves can become a transcendent whole greater than the sum of its physical parts—is proof positive that God Exists.  How could something so precise and so beautiful emerge from a chaotic Nothing?  Unless we’re including twentieth-century German Expressionism, it couldn’t.

Bette’s piece went up earlier this week on her blog Esther’s Petition, and it is a must-read.  She points out the ultimate purpose of music:  to glorify God, to worship Christ.  She also dives into the endless variety of music, and how a single song could keep a composer occupied for eternity.

The most poignant part of her piece, however, is a “mini-vision,” in which a throng of singers and instrumentalists of every stripe arrive to sing for an “audience of one: Jesus.”

Go read her post—and go make a joyful noise!


4 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: Bette Cox on Heavenly Music

  1. Thanks Tyler and Bette. Just popped over and had a read. I was glad Bette stipulated that God loves ALL music. Some people can be a bit snobby about music.

    I tend to find music that touches your heart as being the type of music God really loves. I know I’m never going to get anyone into Boards of Canada but they do a few pieces of music that really make my heart leap. Sundown and Split Your Infinities are just 2 of those. If you get the opportunity, pop onto Youtube and check both of them out. They might not reach you in the same way they get to me but every time I listen to those tracks, it makes me feel lighter and brighter.

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    • Thanks for the recommendation, Ponty. I need to go back through the comments and check out some of the other groups you’ve recommended but that I never was able to check out due to a combination of busyness and forgetfulness.


  2. Just returned from a visit to Bette Cox. Lovely piece on music. I offered two videos of my favorites. And mentioned that it was you who directed me to her site.

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