Supporting Friends Friday: Nicholas on NEO

I’m running into a bit of a problem here with Supporting Friends Friday—I’m running out of friends to support!  Fortunately, my friends are quite prolific creators, so I can always recycle some old ones, and I’m always encountering new bloggers.  That said, I’m having to get creative to keep this series going.

That’s probably not the most flattering introduction for this Friday’s feature, but I assure you, he’s a great writer, and worth your time.  I know him simply as Nicholas, and he is a semi-regular contributor to Nebraska Energy Observer, Neo‘s excellent, long-running blog.

Nicholas seems to be the newest contributor to that venerable blog, and while I don’t know him personally—thus, he’s more of an online writer whose work I admire, more than, strictly speaking, a “friend“—I’ve come to enjoy his work immensely.

He is at this best, I believe, when writing about Biblical matters.  I particularly like his piece “10 Kings,” about the ten kings who will precede the Antichrist, as referenced in Daniel 7 and Revelation 17-18.  Another recent piece, “Humanity,” deals with the Christian view of anthropology—that we are born into this world with original sin—versus the world’s view.

His largest contribution, it seems, is his serialized novella Lupus Tenebrosus, an ongoing story with an intriguing name.  Shamefully, I have not read the story, but I intend to get caught up on it (at the time of writing, there are twenty-one chapters, though there might be a twenty-second by the time this post goes live).  To that end, I hope Neo can compile a nice little “table of contents” somewhere on the blog that links directly to each chapter, as it would make it a bit easier to locate them (of course, I just searched “Lupus Tenebrosus: Chapter 1” in the search bar, and could repeat that same process).  From reading the first chapter, it sounds like there is interdimensional/multiverse sliding going on—or a very confused, drugged protagonist.  She just knows there is something called “The Abzu” that she must find—or flee.

So, if my lackluster introduction didn’t turn you off, and if you’re intrigued by the mysterious premise of Lupus Tenebrosus, check out Nicholas’s writing at Nebraska Energy Observer.  You won’t regret it.


6 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: Nicholas on NEO

  1. Nicholas. To know him is to love him – huge brain, deep thinker, politically savvy, and likes to cook and and to watch the occasional cat video. His fiction writing is instantly engaging and his Christian writing is pretty much so far over my head a 12 foot ladder wouldn’t help.

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  2. Nicholas on Christianity is indeed dense. I originally know him from Jess’ blog the oft-mentioned AATW. He’s solid on all fronts and a longstanding friend of mine on the blogs.

    Incidentally, the tab ‘fiction’ in the second menu at the top of NEO’s page will take you to all the acknowledged fiction on the blog. Given what politics are these days there may be more.:)

    There are two by Nicholas, and two by Jess, one chapter of one of hers is the most read article on the blog for the last two years. I have no idea why that one chapter is so popular but it is good.

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    • I think I read most of Jess’s story—at least, the one about the female vicar who dates a dude who is trafficking Eastern European women, with an implied lesbian tryst at the end. Pretty spicy stuff!

      I’ve gotsta go back and read Nicholas’s story. And thanks for pointing out the “fiction” tab; how did I miss that?!


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