Painting Update

Last week was our big Fine Arts Festival at school, and part of the festival included an art showcase.  The Fine Arts Department Head invited me to submit my little paintings for sale, which I happily did—all nineteen of them!

On the last night of the festival, I slashed the prices of all of my paintings, and ended up selling four that evening (“Ghostopus“; “Springtime“; “Feelin’ Froggy“; and “The Elixir of Life“).  As such. I’ve lowered all of the paintings on Bandamp to $15 accordingly (“Valenween/Franketine” is at $20, but just because I like that one so much).

I haven’t had time to work on too many paintings since the festival, but I do have a few newer ones that might be of interest to readers.

These six paintings are kind of fun, and three of them—“Boo!,” “Dragon of the Red Sun,” and “Poisonous Apple“—are among my favorites.  I particularly like “Boo!“; it’s a fun blend of colors, and I think captures the lighter side of Halloween.  “Dragon of the Red Sun” feels more apocalyptic in nature, but the dragon’s goofy, snaggle-toothed grin removes some of the menace.

I particularly had fun with “Poisonous Apple“; it was an experiment in blending colors to create the bubbling, boiling, roiling concoction in the cauldron.  The puss and poison oozing from the apple was fun to paint, too, and I got a bit more into the details on the apple and the cauldron.

There’s also “Love Art,” “Octopus III,” and “Retro Hearts.”  “Love Art” was my attempt at that super commercial “girl art” sorority girls and middle-aged women buy at Target.  I intended it specifically for the Fine Arts Festival, and I enjoyed painting the Greek comedy and tragedy masks, but it’s not one of my favorites (but, still, you might like it—it’s yours for $15!).

Octopus III” is another one of my many octopus paintings.  I wanted to experiment with an orange background, and I have always loved the contrast of orange and green (just check out my Bandcamp page).  He’s not as aesthetically pleasing as “Octopus II” or “Psychtopus,” but I like him.

Retro Hearts” was part of my February series of heart-shaped paintings, and I wanted to play around with earth tones.  It gives the painting that warm 1970s feel, and would look great with some knotty pine paneling (like the paneling in my den!).

With Easter approaching, I’m thinking I’m going to do some crosses, and maybe some fish.  I don’t think I could do Jesus justice by painting Him (I am really bad at drawing and painting realistic figures), but I’d like to try my hand at some sacred art.  I’m fiddling around with a sequel to The Lo-Fi Hymnal, so some original artwork for the cover would be a nice touch.

I’m nearly out of little canvasses, but I figure I can finish up the few I have left and have a nice little collection for the time being.

Happy Painting!



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