Supporting Friends Friday: Son of Sonnet’s Poetry Community

My good buddy and regular poetry contributor Son of Sonnet has some exciting news:  this Monday, 14 March 2022, he is launching his new Locals page at

Locals is a bit like SubscribeStar, but it’s more robust in terms of features, and the focus is on building up a sense of community between subscribers and the content creator.  SubscribeStar allows comments, for example, but Locals has built-in incentives to encourage more engagement, such as certain users gaining additional posting privileges and the like.

Son is going full-in with Locals, hoping to build up a community of supporters who appreciate good poetry and the culture-renewing possibilities it offers (you can read all about his mission on his “About” page; appropriately, it’s presented in the form of a poem!).

Son is setting his sights high, as he should:  he’s kicking off his foray into Locals with a special promotion he’s dubbed Race to 1000K.

The concept is simple:  he’s offering users a free, one-month trial with promo code RACETO1K.  After that, it’s $10 a month.

However, there’s an additional pot sweetener:  for every 200 subscribers that sign up, Son is taking $1 off the monthly subscription price for every subscriber.  In other words, once the community hits 200 paying subs, those users will pay $9 a month.  At 1000 subscribers—thus the name of the promotion!—users would be paying $5 a month.

It’s an interesting concept (especially if you’re the 1000th guy to sign up), and could generate quite a bit of motivation for existing subscribers to get their friends to sign up.

Of course, I’ve long been a champion of Son’s poetry, and I think that’s worthy of support alone.  He’s contributed some excellent material to this blog, and I hope he will continue to do so, even amid this new venture.

So, this Monday, give Son of Sonnet a visit on his new Locals page.  You won’t regret it!

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