Yet Another Delayed SubscribeStar Saturday

My sincerest apologies to subscribers:  yet again, I am running late with posting today’s edition of SubscribeStar Saturday.  My excuse, as always, is general busyness.  Indeed, I am currently proctoring the SAT to a roomful of thirty-seven sleepy, slightly soggy teenagers (we had heavy rains this morning).

That said, I’ll be returning to more serious fare with today’s post, which will probably go up this afternoon.  I’m going to talk about the war in the Ukraine.  I’ll be honest:  I don’t know much about it, at least not nearly as much as I should.  But I do think there’s far more nuance to the situation than the knee-jerk media portrays.

Here’s the short preview:  we should stay out of it.

More coming soon!


9 thoughts on “Yet Another Delayed SubscribeStar Saturday

  1. How did your students do in that music festival thing? How’s Murph? These are the important issues that must be addressed first. (wink)

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    • You are right! I can’t do much about the Ukraine (nor do I want to), but I can have a big impact on the people closest to me.

      My students did very well. We took fifteen students in total—two guitar solos, one drum solo, seven vocal solos, and five piano solos. Both guitars and all five of our pianists won Gold medals. Three of our vocalists won Gold; three won Silver; and one won Bronze. Our drummer took a Silver—not bad for his very first solo percussion performance!

      The vocal judging is always the most brutal, but I think the scores largely shook out as they should. One young lady who is a GREAT singer, was right on the bubble, I think, during practice, but she really delivered in the room with the judge, and I was pleased she took home the Gold—she deserved it!

      I am also pleased to note that of the five pianists, four of them take private lessons from me. That was great validation to see all of my students win Gold. The fifth young man takes lessons from another teacher, but he is in my HS Music Ensemble class, so I’d like to think I’ve had SOME influence on his musical development.

      Murphy is doing well. She and I are both eating way too much, haha. But we’re enjoying life. She’s been very attached to me lately, probably because I have been gone so much. Poor baby. But she is always faithful, and comes bounding up when I get home. She does a cute little hop when I get home, and it’s adorable watching her chunky, muscular frame bouncing.

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      • WOW, Port!!! Super congratulations to your students (yes, you can take a bow, too, lol)! They must have been thrilled!!! So happy for all of you!

        Awww – how sweet is that? But Port – I do the exact same thing when I see The Portly Politico in my mailbox!

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      • Hahaha, I’m glad to know you do a little hop when one of my posts goes live. I’m trying to stick to the 6:30 AM EST release schedule as much as possible, but it seems that by the weekend, the exhaustion has caught up to me.

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