Midweek March Update

Yep, Portly readers:  it’s one of those blog posts:  a general update on the latest with yours portly because I’m out of both ideas and energy.  Sure, I should be writing about the war in the Ukraine or something important like that (instead of silly paintings and piano pieces), but, again—I’m more low-energy than JEB! at the moment.  Or, at the very least, my pantheric intensity has to be focused towards more pressing matters than this humble blog.

Early March is always a time when everything comes to a head at once.  Last week was the final week of third quarter, and was chock-a-block with various school events.  That saw me scrambling around all over campus during my precious planning periods performing various feats of technical wizardry (but all of the standard hedge-mage variety; the really powerful audio/visual spells won’t be cast for another month).  Incredibly, I managed to record all of Péchés d’âge moyen last week (give it a listen if you haven’t already—it’s less then seven minutes to listen to the entire album!).

Naturally, that meant a backlog of grading and comment-writing for report cards, which had to be completed over the weekend.  I’m grateful to Pontiac Dream 39/Always a Kid for Today for his movie review Monday, because that saved me some valuable time Sunday (it’s also an excellent review—you should go read it!).

Tomorrow I’m taking a group of students to our private school association’s annual Music Festival.  It’s a very fun, very hectic event.  The students prepare solo pieces to perform for a judge, and receive feedback and a score (either Bronze/Good/III, Silver/Excellent/II, or Gold/Superior/I).  We’ve got seven singers, five pianists, two guitarists, and a drummer attending, and one of my tech kids is coming along to assist with moving amplifiers and such around.

I am accompanying most of our singers on piano, so in addition to my usual load of private lessons, I’ve been squeezing in extra sessions with singers to make sure I have their songs down (and I’ve rescheduled or cancelled several off-campus lessons this week in order to prioritize those students who need to prepare for the festival).  I’m feeling pretty good about it at the time of writing, but I have quite a bit of paperwork and music to organize this afternoon before we head to the event.

Fortunately, today is a half-day for students, as we’re holding parent-teacher conferences after lunch.  As of the time of this writing, I improbably only have one ten-minute conference (though I look for that to change), so I should have plenty of time to get everything sorted.  That will be a welcome time to get prepared for the festival, and to get a jumpstart on fourth quarter grades (I got a bit behind on some grades in third quarter, and don’t want to dig myself out of another hole).

After the festival Thursday, the rest of the week should be a bit more calm.  Friday morning I’m taking a large group of United States History students to an American Civil War battlefield along with some other teachers, which should be a welcome change from a long morning of droning on about Gilded Age presidents.

Finally, I’ve foolishly agreed to proctor the SAT this Saturday.  It’s not hard to proctor, it just gets a tad tedious.  That said, it’s good, easy money for sitting around watching kids take a test.

I’m toying with the idea of composing Péchés d’âge moyen, Volume II.  I had such fun putting together Péchés d’âge moyen, and I love jotting down short little musical pieces.  I’m not expecting major sales; it’s just enjoyable writing music.

That’s it for this early March midweek update.  Thanks for your support, and God Bless!



4 thoughts on “Midweek March Update

  1. I don’t think anyone would begrudge you the time off, Tyler. You toil like a little worker bee, what with teaching, council work, private tuition, extra curricular activities including this site. Get some rest. Put up your feet. Enjoy the outdoors. Don’t tire yourself out.

    As for pieces, I’ll send what I can when I have it. If it gives you a day or two to recharge your batteries, that can only be a good thing. 🙂

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    • Yeah, dude, your writing is super helpful, and your posts bring lots of traffic to the blog, too! They’re also just good in and of themselves. I really do appreciate your contributions, and your willingness to pitch in.

      Today should be a bit easier after morning classes. I imagine I’ll get a few more conferences, but those are easy and quick. I’m just thankful for the afternoon to focus on getting stuff together for the Music Festival tomorrow. It won’t take me too long to do it, but I just need uninterrupted TIME to focus on that task and to get everything together.

      Thanks again for everything, dude!

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