The Re-Return of Bandcamp Friday

Last month I boldly proclaimed “The End of Bandcamp Friday” because, well, their website said it was over.  Naturally, that announcement turned out to be premature, as Bandcamp is bringing back Bandcamp Fridays!

I really should take this opportunity to write some new material, as many of the readers of this blog have either a.) already purchased my music or b.) made it clear they have no intention of doing so.

Still, I should at least try to get readers to part with their money—right?—so here is an abbreviated version of my usual spiel:

It being the Bandcamp Friday—and nearly Valentine’s Day!—there’s never been a better time to buy my musicmy merch, or my book.  Indeed, you can pick up my entire discography (seven albums!) for just $19.98, a whopping 35% discount.

On Bandcamp Friday, Bandcamp waives it’s share of sales, so musicians take home more of those dollars than other days.

Bandcamp also has some exciting news:  musicians can host livestreams via the platform now!  These can be free or ticketed, which opens up some enticing opportunities for musicians.  I’ll explore this option in the near future.

That’s all I’ve got.  It’s been a bit rough lately for yours portly, but things are good on the financial front for the moment.  By the time this post is published, I’ll have taught thirteen lessons this week, with six more coming up today.  I would have had twenty-one separate lessons this week, but a couple of students got sick and/or had to quarantine.  Needless to say, that’s helped beef up the coffers considerably after the doldrums of January.

Of course, there’s always room for more beef—or cheddar—in the coffers, so feel free to cough ‘er up.

Happy Friday!



11 thoughts on “The Re-Return of Bandcamp Friday

  1. Either I’m being a techno thicky or I’m missing something – when I click on your entire discography, there are no options, drop downs or links to purchase. Help!

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  2. Right. I’ve done it (and paid twice as much as it was asking for – our donation to you) but how do I now get the music onto the computer?

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    • Thanks, dude! That means a lot, seriously.

      Glad you figured out the download process, as I see in another comment (I was driving to work, so I’m just now catching up on comments). As I noted in my other comment, now that you have bought it, you should always have access to the music again should you wish to re-download it.


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