TBT: The Morning After

It was one year ago today that The Z Man wrote that “America died” on 3 November 2020.  I don’t think he meant it melodramatically, and it certainly encapsulated what a lot of us were feeling as we watched the fraudulent votes magically appear in the middle of the night.

The 2020 election woke a lot of people up, but even blatant fraud across multiple States has, sadly, gone largely ignored.  The silver lining is that folks seem to have abandoned national politics and are focusing on what’s happening at the local and State levels.  Indeed, there seems to be a general disengagement from politics, something that in the past I would have decried, but that now I think might actually be healthy—provided people are willing to make tough decisions for themselves.

Regardless, it’s hard to think about the 2020 election.  Since then, we’ve been stuck with a old man who is essentially a corpse dangling from the strings of invisible hands.  I thought a year ago that The Usurper Biden would be tossed from office at the first opportunity, but it’s occurred to me that he is too perfect a patsy for the radical elitists performing the marionette.  For one, Kamala Harris somehow manages to be less likeable and more phony than Hillary Clinton, and progressives don’t like her.  For another, it’s better to have a hollow man like Biden than a strident floozy like Harris, who might occasionally make a decision on her own.

Well, this topic is depressing.  You can see why I’ve switched over to writing about music and the weather.

With that, here is 4 November 2020’s “The Morning After“:

Well, nothing got finalized last night.  I went to bed around 1 AM with a sense of uncertainty, but feeling somewhat confident about Wisconsin and Michigan, and hoping the early calls for Arizona and Virginia for Biden might be reversed.

The news this morning seems grim:  Wisconsin is leaning towards Biden, and Trump’s lead in Michigan has narrowed considerably—within the point where some manufactured or “found” votes from Detroit could plausibly flip it to Biden.  Even Georgia seems to be tilting towards Biden, even though Trump still holds as lead there as of this writing.

There are some silver linings:  Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania is around 700,000 votes, but there are apparently 1.4 million uncounted absentee ballots, which could skew heavily in Biden’s favor.  I figured a 0.7 million vote lead would be so insurmountable, even Democratic malfeasance couldn’t plausibly produce enough fake votes.  A 10,000 vote difference is one thing; 700,000 is quite another.

It also looks like Republicans will retain the Senate, and South Carolina US House District 1 flipped back to the GOP last night.  Lindsey Graham also won his reelection bid against Jaime Harrison (and handily), who blew $104.1 million in his race against Graham.

But, at this point—and, perhaps, I’m just tired and overly pessimistic as a result—it seems like the fix is in.  I was praying for a Trump showing so overwhelming, it would make fraud virtually impossible, or at least irrelevant.  Now the months of Democratic fraud and pushing of mail-in voting has reaped dividend for the progressives, who will no-doubt oust Biden at the earliest opportunity.

The Z Man offered up this elegy for a lost America:

I must admit that even though I’ve been predicting a rigged election for months, it is still a let down to see it happening. It’s like the passing of an old friend who has been sick for a long time. You know what’s coming, but it still feels bad when it happens.

America has been sick for a long time. Most here have known it. Some maybe hoped Trump was the miracle cure. Others thought they had reconciled themselves to the inevitable. Others thought Trump would buy some more time with our old friend America.

Last night America died. Everyone is justified in feeling bad about it. Treat this like the loss of an old friend. Mourn now, but then use this reality to help your normie friends move past their civic nationalist nostalgia into the cold reality of now, just as you would help a friend mourn the loss of a parent.

I’m still praying for a miracle—and that Democratic fraudsters will be exposed for the cheats they are.  It’s not over for Trump, but the news this morning is not great.

That said, Trump’s commanding lead in Pennsylvania—and the fact that the Upper Midwest is in play—suggests the future for the Republican Party is to identify staunchly as the party of working class voters.  The GOP needs to shed the upper-class Establishment cucks—who are now supporting Democrats, anyway—and become the party of the working man.

We’ll see if that happens, or if the Republican Party will return to being the party of agreeable losers.

At this point, all we can do is pray—and hope Trump’s attorneys are ready to fight fraudulent ballots across multiple States.


9 thoughts on “TBT: The Morning After

  1. America at present seems to be living through a year (and more) long version of Weekend at Bernie’s, where various people pull at the strings of the eponymous character directing the country towards the same mad state the titular actor is in. I think of the words hell and hand cart but our country is no better. We all look at the state of Australia and NZ and hope we don’t end up the same way but we’ll get no choice in that. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

    By the way, if you don’t post the pictures I sent you, Tyler, can you redirect them to Audre please? Thanks in advance.

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    • We definitely seem to be in a _Weekend at Bernie’s_ situation here. The election results from Tuesday (I wrote this post and scheduled it before the election) have improved my mood considerably, however. Let’s just hope the momentum keeps up—and that Republicans don’t squander another opportunity to fix things.

      I will certainly forward them to Audre. I was thinking I’d post the ones you sent me a LONG time ago next Tuesday. I can get the Halloween ones up today.

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    • I forwarded everything to Audre. I just looked and realized you sent me those sunrise pictures in SEPTEMBER. Good grief—how have I neglected them for so long.

      I’ve also got to get a review of _Bell, Book, and Candle_ done. Audre mailed me a copy at the beginning of October, and I still haven’t sat down and watched it. I was hoping to watch it with Shelby, but it turns out when you and your girlfriend live four hours apart, your weekends get filled up pretty quick with all the out-of-the-house activities you can’t do during the week.

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  2. About 51 weeks ago I would have (and did) agree with the Z man, now I’m beginning to wonder, might it have been a cardiac arrest and the patient has revived? Darned if I know, But it’s been a good week, even if Murphy’s fraud holds up. I really like two of the winners, the VA Lieutenant Governor elect and the Jersey truck driver who spent slightly under $160 to defeat the second most powerful Demonrat in Jersey.

    And nationwide two groups won – the police and parents. Long Island and Seattle elected repub prosecutors. Long way to go to defeat the Brandon Administration but a start has been made.

    Now if they act in accordance with their words,…

    “End of the beginning”? Maybe, but it’s a long way from El Alamein to Berlin, so keep up the skeer.

    And good on you too PP, Congratulations.

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    • Yes, I wrote this post before the election results, and I would have had a more optimistic tone had I taken the time to revise it. I am prayerfully hoping that this represents ANOTHER chance to get it right, if Republicans can actually stick to their guns and not equivocate. I am much more optimistic today than I was even two or three days ago.

      Thank you! Here’s to another four years.

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