Supporting Friends Friday: Whipped Owl

One of my favorite aspects of blogging is discovering new writers—either those just starting out or, as is more frequently the case, those writers who are new to me.  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering one such writer, whose blog and, I take it, pen name is Whipped Owl.

I’m not sure how I discovered our frothy, nocturnal, avian friend, but it looks like his first post popped up around 5 September 2021, and he’s been churning out some goodness ever since.  Whipped Owl describes himself as a writer, musician, historian, sportsman, and loner, and his recent posts attest to some of these qualities:  he has a band, Blabpipe; he writes book reviews of historical works; and every Monday he reviews heavy metal bands.  He also writes quite a bit of poetry.

In other words, he sounds very much like the New England version of me, not unlike photog, though I suspect a bit younger than my good friend at Orion’s Cold Fire.

I haven’t been reading WO very long, but I have immensely enjoyed what I have been able to read so far.  He is, like yours portly, a jack-of-all-trades, so if you’re not interested in all of his posts, there’s surely something that will catch your interest.

So, do him a solid, and check him out at his blog and on YouTube.


15 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: Whipped Owl

  1. If he’s writing reviews on metal, I’ll check him out. At present, though, I’m keeping an ear open to the news – one of our MPs has been stabbed to death. What a country we live in.

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      • Yes. A methodist church. Nothing said about the murderer yet and I figured that’s how it would be reported. Not by the BBC. ‘MP dies after stabbing.’ An unusual way to report it. If he’d been a Labour MP rather than Tory, I’m sure the BBC would be looking at this differently.

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