Victory for Life

Last week life found a way when Governor Henry McMaster signed the Fetal Heartbeat Bill into lawThe Heartbeat Bill is a major victory for the protection of unborn lives.

According to the Palmetto Family, a pro-life advocacy group and think-tank in South Carolina, the Heartbeat Bill prevents abortions once a heartbeat is detected, and requires doctors to check for a heartbeat before an abortion is performed.  The only exception to this bill is when the life of the mother is at stake.

The first part of the bill will likely face legal challenges, as heartbeats are detected as early as five weeks in unborn children, early enough that it contradicts the egregious ruling in Roe v. Wade.  However, it very well could serve as an opportunity to challenge that ruling in the Supreme Court, should the matter reach the Court’s attention.  Assuming the “conservative” Court doesn’t cuck big time, it may very well finally achieve the pro-life dream of overturning Roe and returning the power to regulate or eliminate abortions back to the States—a win for life and States’ rights.

As Palmetto Family points out, though, the bill is designed so that even if the first part is struck down, the second part is likely to stand:  the requirement to check for a heartbeat.  If a heartbeat is detected, the doctor must offer the mother the opportunity to hear the child’s heartbeat.  Per Palmetto Family, “[o]verwhelming evidence shows that a mother is less likely to terminate her pregnancy if she has the chance to hear her child’s heartbeat.”

At a moment when progressivism seems ascendant once again, the victory of the Heartbeat Bill is a powerful reminder that Christ is King, and that conservatives can still win some for the good of us all.


3 thoughts on “Victory for Life

  1. If it goes to the Supreme Court, you can pretty much kiss it good-bye. Evidently, when people are confirmed to the Supreme Court, something bad happens to their spines and to their minds. There is no controversy from which they will not run and no “settled law” they will challenge.

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    • Seriously. If they don’t overturn _Roe_, I think the political arm of modern conservatism will completely collapse. At this point, the pro-life movement is one of the remaining major reasons to support the Republican Party (the other major reason: they’re not Democrats).


  2. I would say that it would be, if the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the unborn, a victory for life, but not victory for States’ rights given how SCOTUS opinions are handled by lower courts after being rendered.

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