One Week Under the Usurper

Today marks the first full week of Biden the Usurper’s reignHe assumed the throne one week ago today.  Where are we after one week of his fraudulent tenure?

The new president wasted no time in undoing much of President Trump’s legacy.  Just as President Trump rolled back many of President Obama’s executive orders, President Biden is doing the same.  One reason I refer to Biden’s inauguration as “assuming the throne” is because rule via executive fiat has become the norm.  Congress is, at this point, little more than kabuki theatre, performing legislative rituals that symbolize our once glorious tradition of republicanism.

Meanwhile, President Biden broke the record for most executive orders signed in a president’s first week—and twenty-nine in his first three days.  For those squishy Conservatism, Inc. types who thought Biden would truly try to unite the country and govern moderately, it gives me no joy to say, “I told you so.”  Unlike conservatives, who dither around about procedure and decorum, progressives accomplish the things their constituents want, destructive and crazed though they may be.

Of course, the Con Inc. types are correct to point out that what is writ via executive orders can be undone just as easily—President Trump proved that both ways—but at this point, the progressives seem confident that they are in total control of the federal government, and likely will be for many years to come.  Rigging the 2020 presidential elections and the Georgia run-offs means that normal Americans are effectively cut off from any meaningful participation in their national government via electoral means.  Congress is a circus of virtue-signalling mental acrobats, too cowardly and constitutionally illiterate to defend that institution’s prerogatives.

The full brunt of Biden’s progressive expansion of his already-substantial presidential powers has not yet been felt here in the provinces.  Allowing transgender Americans to serve in the military again is unfortunate and dangerous (why give someone with a documented mental illness a deadly weapon?), but it doesn’t affect our day-to-day lives (that doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful—like many progressive projects, it’s all about putting that foot in the closing door, the better to wedge it open, allowing the societal burglar the ability to ransack the remaining vestiges of traditional morality).  Personally, my life is going about the same as it was one week ago, other than slowly learning the ropes of being a councilman.

Of course, recently I’ve been calling for a greater degree of disengagement from national politics, instead encouraging readers to focus on local and State issues, and to dedicate time to the “big three”:  faith, family, and work.  We can’t necessarily stop President Biden from legalizing interspecies marriage (for those scolds who will accuse me of hysteria, I’m being facetious, although today’s flippant joke becomes tomorrow’s reality in progressive America), but we can create culture, make music, and tend to our gardens.

I do fear the economic and cultural consequences of a strongly progressive regime, one intimately in cahoots with Big Tech.  It’s anecdotal, of course, but I’m already seeing a twenty-five-cent increase on average in gas prices in my part of South Carolina.  Taxes will surely skyrocket soon enough.  Government spending—which Trump did nothing to slow down—will only increase as ever-more generous, unsustainable programs are ladled into the political economy.

But fear paralyzes us.  We should be upset that we’re ruled over via an executive tyrant—one that has been around for decades—and that we can no longer trust the integrity of our elections.  Rather than give in to fear, though, we should do what we can where we can.  The 2020 election was stolen by local and State election officials, believing they were stopping “literally Hitler.”  If we can replace those folks with decent, God-fearing Americans, we still have a shot to save our country.

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7 thoughts on “One Week Under the Usurper

  1. I expect you know the canard (by Hannah Arendt, I think) that all revolutions have three phases. to wit: The overthrow of the existing order, the attempt to govern, and the terror. She always followed that with the exception that proved the rule, The American Revolution which ended in phase two, leaving what we see as the United States.

    Perhaps the third stage was merely postponed, in this case by the founders’ amazing design, for almost 250 years.

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