Inauguration Day 2021

The day has arrived—the briefly delayed third term of Obama’s presidency.  In the years since Obama left office, the progressive Left has become even more insane.  After a four-year reprieve under Trump, the radical progressives aren’t going to let another opportunity pass to transform the country completely.

Things are going to get worse before they get better, which is why I’m encouraging my fellow conservatives, Christians, and traditionalists to think and act locally in the years to come (H/T to historian Brion McClanahan for that pithy phrase).  Now is the time to attend town/city and county council meetings, to run for local and State offices, and to build up communities.  While we can do some of that online, we’ve got to get out and meet people—join Bible studies, form local clubs, revive forgotten civic organizations, etc.  Heck, even play at an open mic!

One reason I’m so skeptical of the lockdowns and quarantines of The Age of The Virus is that they undermine those social and communal activities.  We’ve been encouraged to stay inside watching television, separated from our friends and loved ones, all while absorbing nonsense propaganda disguised as entertainment.  I dislike masks for similar reasons:  they conceal our identities and make communications—both verbal and nonverbal—more difficult, constructing yet another barrier between people.

Rebuilding social trust will be crucial to rebuilding social peace.  I’m pessimistic that that is possible at the national level, but I’m not so worried about the national level at the moment.  Those building blocks need too be laid slowly and lovingly at the local level first.  That means getting to know our neighbors and getting involved in our communities.

I’m very blessed to live in—and, after 4 PM EST today, to represent the people of—a lovely small town where folks look out for each other.  There are tensions and divisions, to be sure, but everyone I talk to expresses their love of this town and their neighbors.  Residents want to see Lamar become something.  It already is something—not perfect, but beautiful—but there is so much more that it can be.

So as Biden the Puppet Usurper assumes the throne with Queen Kamala pulling the strings, I’ll be preparing for my own swearing-in.  I am taking office with completely humility—“all I know is I know nothing,” per Socrates—and realizing I have been entrusted with an important and heavy job.

But if I can run for local office, so can you.  I may be a spectacular failure (if so, I won’t pretend otherwise), but I’m optimistic that I can work with my fellow council members to make Lamar an even better place to live.

I would encourage like-minded conservative Christians to do the same.  Go to council meetings, learn the issues in your community, and run for office.  I was literally the only candidate that filed in this latest special election.  Chances are, you could be the only person willing to serve in your town or county.  Worst-case, you pay your filing fee, you meet a few people, and lose.  Best-case, you do all that and get elected—and then you can try to make your community better.

It’s easy right now to despair.  Don’t.  Step up and fight for your town, your county, your State, and your country.

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