SubscribeStar Saturday: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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This past week I’ve had the unexpected pleasure of some free time around the house.  Other than waiting on a few errant midterm exam submissions to roll in, my slate was clean—virtually unheard of in my life.

Rather than vegging out and wasting time—other than sleeping in a bit later than normal—I turned the time towards writing.  In an effort to ease a bit of my load heading into Christmas, I spent most of Wednesday writing blog posts to get ahead a few days.

But it wasn’t just self-indulgent blog posts:  I turned my hand to writing some letters.  I have long enjoyed writing letters, but it’s been even longer since I’ve done so.  On my recent trip I picked up a ten-pack of Universal Studios postcards, which I sent out to various friends and family members.  After exhausting that supply, I sent a couple of cards—literally, the only two I had available.

I then began writing letters, going so far as to ask friends if they would like to receive one.  The book of stamps I purchased at the Lamar Post Office quickly dwindled as I churned out short, one-page missives after another.

If you would like to receive a one-page, handwritten letter from me—even if you’re not a subscriber!—please visit the Contact page and submit your name and mailing address.  For subscribers, I’ll write you a longer letter—and maybe throw in some doodles!

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2 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

  1. I’ve often wondered about electronic mail. One day it occurred to me; we’re never going to see again books entitled “The Collected Letters of So ‘n So”.

    Could there be such a thing as The Collected Email of … ?

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    • I’ve thought about the same thing from a historian’s perspective. Will all of that be lost to the cloud? Inaccessible behind some flimsy password? I imagine people will bequeath access to their digital correspondence, but who knows! “The Collected E-mails of So ‘n’ So” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, though.


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