Independence Day

The day has finally come—after three-and-a-half years, Great Britain is finally leaving the European Union.  The British people are regaining their sovereignty and will begin their way back to enjoying their traditional English liberties.

The European Union is an overweaning, elitist, supranational tyranny.  It is a progressive dream, which is why the Leftists are melting down over Brexit, and attempted to thwart it for so many years.  Progressives today—just like progressives in the early twentieth century—are gaga for technocratic rule and elitist dominance.

It’s not about “democracy”; if it was, they would have accepted the outcome of the 2016 referendum.  Democracy only matters to progressives when it advances their ends.  That’s why progressives hold elections and referendums—repeatedly, if necessary—until they get the outcomes they want—and then the matter is settled forever.  If that doesn’t work, courts or the bureaucracy will effectively veto the voters’ “incorrect” choices.

In 2016, on the eve of the Brexit vote, I wrote a post urging the British people to vote to leave the European Union.  I ended that essay with the following call-to-action:

Instead, 801 years later, let us have a New Magna Carta, a new birth of liberty and sovereignty.  Once again, I would urge my friends in Britain to vote “Leave” tomorrow.  Yes, it will lead to short-term uncertainty.  Yes, the road ahead is unclear.  In the final estimation, however, liberty is always full of questions, but it is well worth the price.  In the case of Brexit, no other consideration matters.

The British people did vote, and now, thanks to Nigel Farage, Prime Minister Johnson and many tenacious Brexiteers, the British people are enjoying a new birth of freedom.

Godspeed, John Bull.  Uncle Sam is with you all the way.

5 thoughts on “Independence Day

    • I think the threat Putin represents is greatly exaggerated. Yes, he’s a tin-pot dictator with imperial ambitions, but Russia is in decline demographically. Further, Britain leaving the EU does not substantially reduce Europe’s ability to resist Russian expansionism. Britain, the EU member nations, and the United States will come together in some fashion to push back against Putin as needed. You and I both know that the US and the UK will do the bulk of any fighting, anyway. I don’t see how British independence seriously alters the geopolitical calculation (if anything, closer US-UK ties—and maybe a broad commercial unity among the Anglo nations—will strengthen resistance to Eurasian expansionism).

      China is the bigger threat. Putin is a threat, yes, but he’s a distraction from the real geopolitical upstart.

      Just my two cents. Putin can laugh all he wants. British liberty is worth it.


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