Trump Has Soul

President Trump may be embattled amid the impeachment witch trial, but at least he “is the blackest president we have ever had.” That’s according to Antwon Williams, a lovably chubby black man. It’s a title that’s even better than President Clinton’s (care of Toni Morrison) anointing as “America’s First Black President.”

Williams credited President Trump’s “realness” with his honorary title of “The Blackest President.” He also argues that his family is better off under President Trump. Per Mr. Williams, c/o Infowars:

“Like, dude, he’s helping me and my family. We never owned a house before Trump came into office; now we own a home. I own cars. Our family is doing great, you know? So, the hell with what people say.”

Trump’s policies have certainly helped restore what Gavin McInnes calls America’s “economic libido.” Beyond that, though, it’s easy to see that President Trump has soul.

Naturally, I want to treat claims of President Trump’s “blackness” with due discretion and sensitivity. After all, I don’t want the social justice scolds to have me defrocked because I’ve transgressed their doctrines against their favorite demon, Racism.

That said, President Trump is a bold, swaggering, earthy fellow. He does not back down from a fight, nor does he shy away from bragging about—perhaps exaggerating—his accomplishments. He revels in his wealth, and the wealth of others, often with gawdy, garish displays (such as gold toilets and fixtures in his hotels). He is married to an improbably attractive white woman—the third of three such women. His best friend appears to be Kanye West.

In many ways, Trump is far “blacker”—or, at least, more soulful—than President Obama, our first biracial president. I remember race hustlers back in 2008 who claimed that then-Senator Obama was not “authentically” black because his mother was white and his father African; therefore, Obama was not a descendant of the African Diaspora—of slaves. Senator Obama’s rejoinder was that to look black was to be black (in a, presumably, race-obsessed America).

Race shouldn’t matter, but for now, anyway, it does. Black voters certainly seem to think so, as they’ve been a fairly unbreakable bloc for some time now (historically, though, blacks voted more independently from one another, especially as they drifted from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party during the 1930s; it’s interesting how the modern welfare state indoctrinated blacks and made them dependent upon the party of government). The significance is that President Trump seems to be making headway with black voters the way no modern Republican ever has.

Of course, polls are tricky, and the Democrats are wily. They’re not going to let loose the reins on one of their most reliably consistent voting blocs without a fight. Gallup’s analysis is that Trump’s support from black voters is essentially on par, and maybe even a bit behind, that of recent Republican presidential candidates.

That there are such disparate results, however, raises some questions. The media is going to do everything it can to downplay any perceived or actual increase in Trump’s polling among blacks. I do agree with Gallup’s analysis that lower black voter turnout will play a more important role in Trump’s reelection than increased black support for Trump.

But it seems like there is more hidden support there than the polls suggest. Just as voters were reluctant to tell pollsters of their support for Trump in 2016, the same effect could be in play among blacks in 2020. Consider the intense social and cultural pressure among blacks to toe the line, and ladle that on top of the intense social and cultural pressure to hate Trump that exists in the United States. It takes courage to support Trump vocally; it takes real guts, and a willingness to isolate yourself from everything you know and love, to be black and support Trump.

Well, at least Antwon Williams and Kanye West are out there, fighting the good fight. I welcome their support with open arms.

One thought on “Trump Has Soul

  1. […] It was a powerful speech.  Trump started detailing all of the accomplishments of the past few years, with a specific focus on the improved conditions of black America.  That’s a clever way to put the pressure on Democrats:  compared to President Obama’s abysmal economic record, President Trump—so often slandered, unfairly, as a “racist”—has done far more to improve the lives of black Americans. […]


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