Lazy Sunday XX: The Laziest Sunday

Today marks the 210th consecutive day of posts here at The Portly Politico, the thirtieth week of this endeavor in navel-gazing political and cultural analysis.  Today’s Lazy Sunday is also the twentieth installment in the storied series, where I compile thematic lists of old posts and give quick summaries of each.

In the spirit of the occasional “Phone it in Friday” posts, like the one from two days ago, I decided to really autodial this one in.  The summer news cycle doldrums are in full swing:  the Mueller testimony, like the Mueller investigation and report themselves, was a nothingburger, one seasoned with the sad spectacle of a once-respected man clearly clueless about his namesake investigation.  I’ve also been working like a rented mule lately, and it’s been a bit of a slog getting these posts out on time.

So, to that end, here is a look back at the previous nineteen installments of Lazy Sunday.  If you read every single one of these posts, as well as the posts they link to, you will pretty much have read the definitive TPP canon.




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