Trump Up in Polls

Yesterday’s post looked at blogger photog’s musings about the radical implosion of the Democratic Party.  photog surmised that either the Democrats will tone down their ultra-progressive rhetoric, or they will continue to double-down on—and let President Trump bait them into—their death’s embrace with socialism.  My money is on the latter.

Shortly after that post went to press, I read a National Review blurb about Trump’s record-high approval ratings.  Trump has hovered around 35-40% in most approval polls, with a solid base of support.  Democrats and Never Trumpers have been banking on Trump not gaining substantially beyond 40% approval ratings (never mind that the 2016 polling was egregiously far off).  If we figure that some poll respondents simply aren’t confessing that they like the president or will vote for him, we could probably add 3-5% to that support.

The poll in the National Review story has Trump at 44% approval; other polls (including a Washington Post poll) have had him higher, most notably Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll, which had President Trump at 49% approval at the time of writing.

Naturally, national polling is interesting, but presidential elections are, ultimately, a State-level contest.  That said, this paragraph from the National Review bit caught my eye (emphasis added):

The poll, which included responses from 1,336 adults, also found that Trump has won over a small but significant group of independents in the last month. His approval rating among independents increased from 35 percent last month to 42 percent in the latest poll. Meanwhile, the percentage of respondents who said they will definitely vote against Trump remained unchanged from last month at 53 percent.

That increase among independent voters will be key to securing a Trump reelection.  If Democrats continue to come across as dangerous, radical, and unpatriotric, Trump stands to gobble up those voters.

Naturally, Leftists are melting into shrieking hysterics, which might be satisfying emotionally, but it’s just going to cost them voters.  “Republican” Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe on the Democratic Party’s propaganda wing, MSNBC, predicted that Trump will loseand in a landslide, no less!

Why does Scarborough think Trump will lose?  Bigotry and racism.

Yawn.  Fewer Americans are buying that line everyday.  Trump’s approval ratings continue to rise among Hispanics, for example.  As long as we get emotionally-sensitive white middle-class suburban women to get over themselves (“I don’t like him because he’s mean”—boo hoo!)—and they desperately do—things should go well in 2020.

Election Day is an eternity away, but the “tea leaves,” as photog called them, are looking favorable.  We can’t take anything for granted—I still think it’s going to be a close one in some key States—but here’s hoping the Left continues its spasms of radicalism.

3 thoughts on “Trump Up in Polls

  1. […] “Trump Up in Polls” – This piece from July looks at Trump’s rising approval ratings.  It also analyzes those numbers, and looks at MSNBC gasbag Joe Scarborough’s prediction that “bigotry and racism” would cost Trump reelection in 2020.  At the time, I wrote that “bigotry and racism” would not be much of a factor:  the epithet of “racism” has been hurled so much lately, it’s become like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”—it’s meaningless. […]


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