Breaking: Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Breaking news, c/o of a former student who sent the linked article:  President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work toward the denuclearization of North Korea.

President Trump was nominated by two members of Norway’s Progress Party, a conservative party that supports lower taxes and limited immigration, so it’s no surprise on that front, and it’s still a long way from winning the coveted Prize itself.

Nevertheless, it’s a victory for Trump, the peace process, and the hopes for peace on the Korean Peninsula.  It’s also much more deserved than President Obama’s 2009 Peace Prize win, which was awarded simply because he was “cool” and went on his Mid-East “apology tour.”

Despite negative publicity from the child separation policy—which Trump is also making moves to end as I write—the President is having a great week.

First, peace on the Korean Peninsula.  Next, liberty among the stars.  Congratulations, Mr. President!

7 thoughts on “Breaking: Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

  1. I beg to differ. Make no mistake. This was abuse.

    The Trump administration abused thousands of children and their families.

    Worse, it was a naked abuse of power. Trump went on TV and told the American public that he would only end his abuse of children if the Democrats were a party to sweeping legislation to fully fund his wall as well as a long list of immigration demands. All of it. No negotiation. The deal was hostage children for hostage legislation. An amazing human rights violation combined with an amazing abuse of power.

    The only thing that saved us was extensive free press coverage and a gigantic outpouring of outrage and support for the refugees. His disgusting lack of compassion would have been bad enough. However, his bald abuse of power threw any hope of agreement out of the question. Trump can only hope he stemmed the damage before it changed too many minds about immigration in general.

    It hasn’t ended yet. Detention is not cheap. And when all is said and done, real Republicans WANT illegal immigration. It adds cheap, exploitable and disposable labor to a very high employment economy. Something their donors depend upon.


    • I don’t disagree that some Republicans want illegal immigration for cheap labor. That’s unfortunate, as it does no one any favors. Ultimately, the law is the law, and the Trump administration was enforcing, per the President’s Article II responsibility to duly enforce the laws—even ones with deleterious effects. The child separation policy is an example of there being no good answer to a problem that wouldn’t exist if we simply enforced our immigration laws.

      The Trump administration has no desire to “abuse” children. I don’t doubt the news coverage affected his direction on this policy, but it’s ludicrous to suggest that the President wants children to suffer.

      I don’t think we’ll find much common ground on this issue, but I appreciate your perspective and your comment.


  2. […] Now, President Trump has effectively leveraged Twitter and Internet trolling to reach his base.  Even his detractors have to appreciate his cheeky humor.  Buzzkills will no-doubt argue he shouldn’t be trolling a radical, apocalyptic, Islamist regime that actively seeks to enrich uranium, but, hey, it worked with North Korea.  Whatever happened to the Second Korean War everyone was talking about last year? […]


  3. […] President Trump officially kicked off his 2020 reelection campaign earlier this week, and it’s been almost exactly one year since the post below.  I’ve been quite impressed with President Trump, who has governed far more conservatively than I and many other conservatives could have ever hoped.  While there is still much to be done on immigration—border crossings have accelerated due to misguided progressive policies that encourage child trafficking—and the wall seems to be more an abstraction than a concrete reality, Trump has slashed taxes, created jobs, and strengthened national security. […]


  4. […] “Breaking:  Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize” – Remember when we were supposed to be embroiled in nuclear war with North Korea?  Notice how that hasn’t happened?  A Scandinavian politician called for President Trump’s nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize.  That might have been a tad rich, but it would have been far more deserved than President Barack Obama’s receipt of the award—simply because he was a black guy who got elected President!  He won the award before he even had a chance to wreck our foreign policy. […]


  5. […] “Breaking: Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize” – I used to do these “breaking” news posts periodically—dashing off a couple hundred words about some major development.  I was perhaps overly optimistic about Trump’s peace talks in Korea, but while they might not have ended the Korean War’s long cease-fire, they definitely calmed down tensions between the US and North Korea. […]


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