Breaking: President Trump Creates Space Force

Apparently, President Trump is one of my readers:  this afternoon, the President issued an executive order charging the Department of Defense and the Pentagon with creating a separate “Space Force.”  Trump said that “we must have American dominance in space” (emphasis added).

I wrote about this very topic one week ago today.  Excellent move, President Trump.  I’m going to push my nephew hard to join our X-Wing Division in 2035.

Here’s a clip of the speech from C-SPAN:

10 thoughts on “Breaking: President Trump Creates Space Force

  1. […] “Breaking: President Trump Creates Space Force” & “Why the Hate for Space Force?” – back in June 2019, President Trump announced the creation of “Space Force” as a separate branch of the armed services.  It’s a bold, visionary idea—and a damn good one.  As “America Should Expand into Space” suggests, space is the next frontier, not just for settlement, but for war. […]


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