Phone it in Friday XXI: Gratuitous Back-to-Work Self-Promotion Bonanza!

Well, it’s not Bandcamp Friday, but it is the first Friday of the month, and my first day back to work.  Why not celebrate both “occasions” with some shameless self-promotion?

You might say, “Well, because no one wants to read an ad,” but all I hear is, “Take my money, Portly—please!”

Here are the goods:

If enough of y’all buy my stuff, I might be able to retire… or just not have to work quite so much.

Eh, who am I kidding?  I’ll still do that.

Thank you for your support!



4 thoughts on “Phone it in Friday XXI: Gratuitous Back-to-Work Self-Promotion Bonanza!

  1. Nice beard, Tyler! 🙂

    In 30 years, I haven’t been able to grow one. If I stopped shaving today, my face would look like yours in about 2 years. Cuts down on shaving gear which is one plus, I suppose, but still, it feels like my body has entered the puberty stage 3 decades too late! 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks, buddy! That’s an older picture, from Summer 2021. I was in a bit better shape at the time, too—ha! I’m currently staying as clean-shaven as possible.

      Sorry to hear you’re lacking in the more hirsute side of manliness. Haha, just kidding! God Made us all differently; be thankful you can save on razors!

      Thank you, too, for your support and your contributions to the blog, dude. They are appreciated!

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      • Always, mate. If I can build up on the 12 Twitter followers I have, the site should be able to get out to more people. Whether they visit or not when I retweet, I don’t know, but I still share occasional links on TCW.

        Plus, they need to know the musical talent of ours Port. How are you getting on with Duality? 🙂

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