Son of Sonnet: For the Chads

Well, it finally happened—Son of Sonnet (now known by his Christian name, Michael Gettinger) has composed the ultimate ode to Chads.

For the uninitiated, a “Chad” is basically a cool dude who is secure in his masculinity and faith.  At least, that’s the flattering definition; it started out as a pejorative term to describe super handsome dudes who get a lot of babes (known as “Staceys”).  But just like conservatives embraced the “deplorables” smear as a symbol of defiant glory, so the giga-Chads have taken to their name.

This website should prove of use to my older, less “with it” readers—ya dig, cool cats?

Now that I’ve insulted the majority of my readers, back to the poetry:  Son/Michael (Michael-Son?) received a request from artist The Republikid to write a poem “For the Chads.”  She’s a pretty dang good artist in her own right, and Michael is a big fan and champion of her work.  He’s commissioned her work, and her material looks great!

With that, here is Michael Gettinger’s “For the Chads”:

For the Chads
(requested by The Republikid)
by Michael Gettinger

Amen! Amen! A toast to merry men!
With Joy they hold aloft the Nation’s kin.
We owe them everything, so say again:
“Amen! Amen!” and warm ourselves within.
They cherish life in these United States.
For Freedom’s sake they take on a crusade.
A day of Justice for these Chads awaits:
a day that shows the Forge that made their Blade.
To know these men you might say they are Blessed.
In fact you might just say they stood the test.
For all these men we wish to give them rest,
so let us join to stand up for the West.
For love of country let’s be iron-clad.
Let’s be remembered for the love we had.


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