SubscribeStar Saturday: Life Wins!

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Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!  Roe v. Wade—that odious bit of extraconstitutional blather that stripped States of their rights and babies of their lives—has now been repealed.  The issue of abortion will go the States, where many more battles will be fought for or against life.

But today is a day for celebration.  For those that embrace constitutional originalism and, more importantly, life for the unborn, the repeal of Roe in the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

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One thought on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Life Wins!

  1. Congratulations for common sense! It’s brilliant news that Roe vs Wade has been overturned though I’m finding the protests against the decision equally amusing and disturbing.

    ‘My body, my choice.’ Where were those people when citizens were being told they had to get a jab or lose their jobs?

    ‘A setback for women’s rights?’ What about the rights of their unborn children? And, crikey, have they finally woken up to what a woman is because many of those people whining about women’s rights couldn’t answer what a woman is.

    There was one heavily pregnant woman at one of these marches who’d written on her belly ‘not yet a human.’ So where’s that second heartbeat coming from? What has grown inside you, causing your body to change so dramatically? Scotch mist?! (Check out my comment on TCW’s Tiverton article and you’ll see the image I put up of that rather disgusting spectacle).

    I find it rather distasteful to see so many people protesting against this decision and to hear so many media commenters, some of whom I respect, saying that this is a dark day for America. How can the saving of millions of lives every year be a bad thing?

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