SubscribeStar Saturday: Behind the Songs: Ghostly

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Today marks the fourth installment of the six-part Behind the Songs miniseries for SubscribeStar Saturday.  In this series, I’m going to reveal the stories behind each of the six songs on my debut EP, Contest Winner EP.  I’ll go track-by-track, in order, detailing the inspirations behind these songs.

This week’s tune, “Ghostly,” is perhaps the most unusual track on the record.  That’s by design.  I wanted to write a song in 3/4 time with a kind of creepy carnival feel.  I also wanted to write it in C minor, as I was not very familiar with the key, but it was similar enough to C major that I could shift into familiar territory (as I learned just this week, classical composers considered C minor to be particularly unstable and tumultuous, and Beethoven reserved it for his stormiest, most emotional works; I wish I could claim I knew that at the time, but it’s fitting for this song).

Needless to say, “Ghostly” remains the weirdest song I’ve ever written.  For that reason and others, I love it.

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6 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Behind the Songs: Ghostly

  1. When I subscribe on Monday, there’ll be an awful lot of these articles to dig back through. Should be fun. 🙂

    For the present though, I’m on my own article (on TCW) dissuading commenters that I’m a menace on the road. It’s good to comment on the pieces you write; that way you get to disabuse other people when they take what you say out of context.

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  2. By the way, I’m no longer on the dark side. I deactivated my Twitter account in the week and switched to Gettr where you can find me under 39_Pontiac

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