Sick Day

This past weekend I was sick with a low-grade fever, a cough, and some mild chest congestion.  I got home from work Friday and sat in a chair in my mudroom for about two hours without moving, thinking I was just worn out after a long week of work.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping, and finally began feeling some relief Sunday evening.  I took Monday off, as my temperature was around 101.4 Sunday evening.

That doesn’t make for exciting reading, but every time I am sick, it reminds me of how thankful I am for the vast majority of days I am well.  God and genetics blessed me with a very hardy constitution, so I get sick a.) infrequently and b.) mildly.  Rarely—about once every five-to-ten years—I get very sick for a spell of a week or two, such as last summer’s bout of Maybe-The-Virus and The Great Christmas Flu of 2014.

Being sick also makes me wish I were able to go to work.  The irony is that being at work, while perhaps not inspiring wishes of illness, often makes me wish I were able to be at home.  This week, of course, is my school’s big Fine Arts Festival, so I am particularly eager to get in and complete the sound and lighting setup for the weekend’s festivities.  My students are well-rehearsed, so I’m not too concerned about them playing well.  I do want to make sure we have plenty of time to get everything setup properly, as we haven’t done a lighting and sound setup in the gym since Christmas 2019.  My general rule of thumb in this case is simply to do what I can to make it sound and look good.

Ergo, my plan today is to dedicate my Music classes to dragging out our equipment and getting it setup so Drama can run tech rehearsal after school.  That gives them a couple of days with the sound and lighting setup in place before we get everything ready for the concert Thursday.  After the concert Thursday we’ll strike the instruments and reset the stage for the play Friday and Saturday nights.

Shew!  It’s a lot to do, but I think we’ll be okay.  Here’s hoping I have, indeed, licked the latest mystery malady, and am prepared to expend mental and physical energy building this year’s Frankenstein’s Monster sound system.

Update:  Sadly, I have not “licked the latest mystery malady,” and I’m increasingly suspecting it’s The Virus, albeit a weakened form.  I will keep readers posted.


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