Special Election Day 2021

Well, here it is—my second special election run for Lamar Town Council.  Polls open at 7 AM and close at 7 PM at Lamar Town Hall.

This election is a special election to fill a vacancy, the result of another resignation from Town Council.  Lang Howell, the Mayor Pro Tempore, stepped down, triggering the special election today.  I paid my $17.50 filing fee back in November, and am the only declared candidate on the ballot.

That said, in last night’s Town Council meeting, Mayor Darnell Byrd-McPherson noted that a young college student, Keon Mack, indicated just yesterday his intent to run as a write-in candidate.

Regular readers will recall that this similar tactic was used—successfully—to defeat myself and another filed candidate in a 14 July 2020 special election race.  Some churches in town, heavily inclined demographically in one direction, fielded a last-minute candidate, Mary Ann Mack, who won a stunning upset victory, winning 86-28-23 (Mack-Cook-Segars).

Fortunately, this time around I’m a tad more prepared and well-known around town, and don’t have a filed opponent to split the vote.  A local salon owner—who ran for Town Council and lost a couple of years ago, but whom I voted for—has really gotten behind my campaign and has organized door-knockers to go around today to remind people to vote.  A former a student of mine, a resident of Lamar, has been drumming up support on my behalf.  Also, there is a rumor—unconfirmed—that there may be a second write-in candidate of a certain demographic, that could split that vote and make it easier for me to survive a write-in campaign.

Most importantly, I know far more of my neighbors now than I did six months ago.  My wildly popular Front Porch Spooktacular actually really helped raise my profile in the community; it’s hard to ignore fifty people in Halloween costumes on your neighbor’s front law.  Not to be proud or conceited, but I come across good on-stage, what with my boyish charisma and all.  I also assume it’s a similar psychology that motivates some folks to vote for you as it is to get girls:  everyone wants to like the guy that everyone else likes.

Some of my own pavement pounding—which, I will confess, has been woefully limited, but more than the July election—has helped.  Getting out to the Lamar Christmas Festival and Parade put me in touch with some good folks, and gave me an opportunity to spread the word about my election.

I am most thankful to my neighbors who have made phone calls, knocked on doors, and talked to friends about the election.  Apparently, one lady has even made up some flyers!  That’s great, assuming she didn’t doodle in a little mustache and a swastika on me or something (I’m sure she didn’t—she’s a little old lady, a different kind of blue-hair than the SJWs).  If I win today, it will be thanks to them, and I won’t forget it.

So here’s to victory!  Vote for me!


3 thoughts on “Special Election Day 2021

  1. Best of luck, Port. They don’t use Dominion where you live, do they?

    Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost the plot; is there a special issue you want to address or just wanting to get to know the processes?

    Surely they wouldn’t mind a mail-in vote from Florida, right?

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    • Haha, I think SC has avoided the Dominion plague. We’re too red for their shenanigans to work at the State level.

      I mainly want to get to know and be a part of the process. I am increasingly of the belief that local government and local issues are where we conservatives need to place our focus, as they have a much bigger impact on our day-to-day lives than what’s happening nationally—and we have a better opportunity to be heard at that level. I also don’t think our current Town Council accurately reflects the interests or population of the town, and needs a contrarian voice.

      Hey, apparently no one cares about voter fraud these days, so go for it! (Disclaimer to SJW scolds: I am joking—I am not endorsing or encouraging voter fraud). Haha, better yet, move to Lamar! You’d love it here.


    • OH! The main reason I am running is that I really see a TON of potential in Lamar. It is a beautiful town with incredibly hospitable people. It has real growth potential, and I think it could be a wonderful place for working families to live affordably and safely.


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