SubscribeStar Saturday: River and Stone

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It’s been a great weekend to be an American.  Last night, mere days before he was scheduled to report to prison to serve a bogus sentence stemming from the even more bogus Mueller investigation, President Trump commuted Roger Stone‘s sentence.  That was a huge cause for celebration on the Right, and a blow against politically motivated criminal charges.

That was some much-needed good news on this side of our cultural civil war, after weeks of looting, corporate acquiescence to BLM, and traitorous Supreme Court rulings.  President Trump reversed a supreme injustice, but he also did right by a friend a long-time supporter.

On a personal note, I had the opportunity to go tubing down the Saluda River in Columbia, South Carolina this morning.  That was another adventure, one in which the stones were far deadlier than the non-existent process “crimes” of the vindicated Stone.

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2 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: River and Stone

  1. […] I’m noticing that a number of folks on our side of this great culture war are taking the “black pill.”  Z Man railed against Trump in this week’s podcast, and in a post earlier this week (which I referenced yesterday).  Milo had all-but written Trump off until the Roger Stone commutation. […]


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