The Spectator Turns 10,000

The British libertarian magazine The Spectator reached its 10,000th issue.  It is the only magazine ever to reach this milestone.  It began life as a newspaper in July 1828, becoming a magazine “more than 100 years” later, although it was apparently always a weekly.

Throughout its history, The Spectator took radical positions for the times.  They supported the expansion of the franchise in Britain in 1832, and supported the Union in the American Civil War at a time when many Britons were concerned about the impact of cotton shortages on the British textile industry than they were about slavery (correctly or not, The Spectator cast the American Civil War in moral terms).

The magazine was also an early supporter of Margaret Thatcher’s candidacy to lead the Conservative Party, and supported leaving the European Economic Community as early as 1975, well before it morphed into the odious European Union.  The celebratory article (you can also read it at The Spectator USA) demonstrates the magazine’s longstanding commitment to British independence:

The Spectator maintained its stance – Boris Johnson was calling for another referendum while editor in 2003 – until Brexit was won. Forty years on from the ‘first’ referendum, as circulation had risen from barely 10,000 to around 70,000, principle and profit were happily in tandem.

That shameless sales-pitch aside, kudos again to The Spectator.  Well done!

4 thoughts on “The Spectator Turns 10,000

  1. The Specie has been a mainstay all my (and many previous) life. Sadly its paywall is richer than its worth these days as especially the British version (Aussie and American less but troubling) turns not only 10 K, but left-libertarian in many cases. Really, really sad.

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    • Yes, the libertarian impulse definitely pushes individualism uber alles. That’s how you end up with Libertarians unironically supporting society-killing policies like abortion-on-demand and unlimited drug legalization. There’s such a thing as _balance_, and even individuals exist within a society, culture, and civilization.

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      • My conservatism has a lot of libertarianism in it, but its important to remember that while its proper to protect individual rights, we live in society. Society is, of course, made up of individuals, optimally organized as families. Much of the problem, especially with the UK Specie is that they have forgotten that we are not merely individuals.

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