The Dirty Pierre

I’m on the mend, and am back at work today.  It’s pretty hectic being away for a couple of days:  I was immediately swarmed by young’uns this morning, asking about melodic intervals and the War of 1812.

If only I had a shadow Twitter account, from which I could give myself an emotional boost whenever I’m having a rough-and-tumble, post-recovery morning.

That’s my clumsy segue into today’s topic—Senator Mitt Romney’s latest pathetic act of perfidy, the Twitter account with the hysterical, outrageous nom de plumePierre Delecto.”

I used to think Mitt Romney was a mostly honorable politician who, while a bit wishy-washy on the issues, ultimately was an honest broker.  How easily I fell for his schtick.  But in 2012, he was way better than President Obama (of course, who knew that GEOTUS was waiting, ready to pounce, in 2016?).

After Romney fell in with the Never Trumpers—and failed to derail candidate Trump’s presidential bid—he cozied up to the President-Elect.  Then, as soon as he failed at gaining entree into Trump’s administration, he twisted the knife again, carpetbagging a Senate seat in Utah, from which he lobs bombs at the president as a “principled conservative.”

Well, it turns out all that virtue-signalling towards “conservative principles” is a gossamer facade—one that Romney was all-too-eager to expose for some temporary media accolades.  According to Breitbart‘s reporting, Romney seemed to think it would make him look cool to tell a reporter—one who went after him constantly during the 2012 election—that he had a “lurker” account to keep tabs on online scuttlebutt.

Rather than using a “lurker” account—a private account that simply follows other Twitter users—Romney was, in fact, running an entire account based on taking up for himself.  And he chose “Pierre Delecto,” the most ludicrous, sounds-like-a-character-I-would-make-up-for-a-short-story name he could conceive.  It’s borderline pornographic in its connotations; my mind immediately went to Anthony Weiner’s “Carlos Danger” moniker, which the disgraced Democrat used to cruise for under-aged chicks online.

Romney’s not trying to pick up young Mormon babes, but his intent here is nearly as slimy—rather than defending himself online against the likes of Soledad O’Brien (is she still even on television?), he felt the need to create a Romney apologia account.

Contrast Romney’s spinelessness with Donald Trump’s über-tweets:  President Trump might be bold ‘n’ brash, but they’re his.  He’s taking on all critics directly.  Sure, he might be sloppy or imprecise at times, but he’s carrying his own water.

Romney doesn’t even have the guts to do that.  He couldn’t even get a friend or crony to do it for him!

It’s all par for the course.  Like father, like son.  Let’s get these elitist carpetbagging bums out of the GOP.  We don’t need weaklings playing footsie with the media that hates them, and we don’t need glorified soy boys puffing up their hollow chests on fake Twitter accounts.

Further Reading:  Rush on Pierre Delecto:

5 thoughts on “The Dirty Pierre

  1. […] “The Dirty Pierre” – Mitt Romney is the Establishment Republican King of Virtue-Signalling now that John McCain, the loathsome Arizona Senator and necromancer, is dead.  His “Pierre Delecto” Twitter account, which Romney used to defend himself against online detractors, rather than being a man and doing it as himself, is a despicable, cowardly example of a man who wants the Left to love him.  They never will, Mitt! […]


  2. Doesn’t matter what party we thinking of. The establishment of each working to return control to them. Here from an article about Biden…” It’s the vehicle by which the Democratic Party Establishment arrives once more to power, the displaced Obama and Clinton professionals reinstalled at the levers.” That’s the endeavor. Same for the Pierre’s desires.
    Quote above is deep down on long article. Lots of other good clues about what’s it all about Alfie, including lies of course about POTUS.

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