Clinton Body Count Rising?

The “suicide” of infamous pedophile and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has shattered whatever illusion remained that Deep State isn’t entirely in control of our politics and culture.  What’s remarkable is that it seems that a large number of Americans don’t buy the suicide-by-hanging story, and there are serious reasons to doubt it.

While Epstein came off of suicide watch at the end of July, he was still under heavy surveillance while in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correction Center.  Allegedly, inmates there are under CCTV surveillance constantly, even as they shower, and are confined to their cells for 23-hours a day.

An anonymous former inmate of the MCC suggests the paper-quality sheets are too fragile to hang a 200-pound man, and that the ceilings are too low for a tall man like Epstein to hang himself, anyway.

The far likelier explanation is that Epstein was murdered.

The only way his assassination could be accomplished would be through the implicit or explicit cooperation of the detention center, which is a federal facility.

There are many unanswered questions, so I applaud Attorney General William Barr for ordering an investigation into Epstein’s death.  Even that investigation could be tainted by Deep State actors, but it suggests that Barr suspects foul play as well.

Regardless, there is one family in particular—not to mention the bevy of billionaire perverts who flew on Epstein’s infamous Lolita Express—that has much to gain from Epstein’s death:  the Clintons.

The Twitter hashtag #ClintonBodyCount was trending nationally after Epstein’s death was reported Saturday.  It’s no wonder:  associates of the Clinton on the cusp of testifying in ways that could implicate Bill or Hillary have a nasty habit of ending up dead.

Bill Clinton reportedly made twenty-seven trips aboard Epstein’s underage sex plane, so it’s entirely reasonable to suspect that the Clinton’s feared Epstein’s testimony.

Here are links to TWO lists of associates who died suddenly under mysterious circumstances after running afoul of the Clintons:

Note that The Gateway Pundit‘s list comes from a CBS Las Vegas post from August 2016.  That’s hardly fringe, alternative media.

Could it be that government ineptness played a role in Epstein’s death?  Sure—this is the federal government we’re talking about—but we live in an age in which evidence continues to mount that a cabal of shadowy elites reap the benefits of a two-tier justice system.  Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic National Committee’s nomination in 2016, and cooked up the phony Steele Dossier to discredit President Trump after her connections in the Obama administration failed to disrupt Trump’s presidential campaign.

Maybe it’s time to renew chants of “lock her up.”  Does anyone believe Bill Clinton didn’t sleep with underaged girls on those twenty-seven sex flights?  Does anyone seriously think Hillary Clinton (and desperate, pedophilic billionaires) wouldn’t pull strings in the Deep State to have a potential witness against her, her husband, and her donors slain?

I don’t like engaging in conspiratorial thinking and conjecture, but, come now:  our elites have spent three years lying to us about Russian collusion and sneering at the populist victory over their political puppet, Madam Hillary.  It stretches credulity to think Epstein’s death was “merely” a procedural oversight.

Read the pieces linked in this post and draw your own conclusions.  For my money, I’m saying he was murdered.

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