Unspeakable Horror

Blogger photog has a piece up at his blog, Orion’s Cold Fire, entitled “What I Took Away from the Weekend Horror Fest,” which sums up the root causes of this weekend’s two terrible shootings: fatherless, isolated young men with few prospects, few role models, and an excess of narrow ideology.

As I wrote way back in January, I don’t typically write about shootings, because I don’t have much to add, and because the discussion always (incorrectly) focuses on controlling guns, not on addressing the real underlying issue.  The United States doesn’t have a gun problem; we have a God problem.  More precisely, we’ve jettisoned any sense of a transcendent moral order in favor relativism and a form of neo-paganism.

In place of a healthy Christian worldview, and the acceptance of an ordered society in which free people share obligations to those above and below them in that pliant order, we’ve adopted an “anything goes” mentality that destroys all barriers.  Men are feminizedWomen are masculinized.

As photog points out, these young shooters are often in their early twenties—the primes of their lives!  But, in their minds, they lack any prospects beyond what they perceive to be a “glorious” death for the cause of “Anti-Fascism.”

Milo summed up the problem facing the West more generally in this trenchant exchange with Jacob Wohl (emphasis added):

𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕆 👑, [05.08.19 05:22]
[Forwarded from Jacob Wohl]
I have to disagree with Milo here. Feminism makes it EASIER for young men to get laid, not harder. Western women buy men drinks, they open the door for men and they’re very sexually available because of #Empowerment

𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕆 👑, [05.08.19 05:24]
Not in publishing or advertising. Not in human resources. Not in veterinary medicine. Not in nursing. Not in public relations. Not in media. Not in charitable foundations. Not in universities. Not in Hollywood. Not in the music business. Not in fashion. Not in art galleries and museums. Not in any government job. I could go on, but it’s late.

𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕆 👑, [05.08.19 05:24]
[Forwarded from Jacob Wohl]
More women in the workforce? Okay.

Wouldn’t you rather compete with a woman for a promotion than a man? I would.

𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕆 👑, [05.08.19 05:31]
I think you can do all these things at once.

𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕆 👑, [05.08.19 05:31]
[Forwarded from Jacob Wohl]
You can whine about hypergamy

You can whine about women wanting strong men

You can whine about feminism

Or you can become rich and strong and date women who aren’t feminists

𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕆 👑, [05.08.19 05:34]
Don’t demean, belittle or discredit most of the male population because they don’t satisfy unforgiving, elite standards that prioritize the superficial over the spiritual. Wealth and biceps don’t matter as much as being a good father—which takes integrity, compassion, sensitivity and selflessness as much as money or strength.

𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕆 👑, [05.08.19 05:37]
At the present moment, Western Civilization needs good father figures a lot more than it needs entrepreneurs and bodybuilders.

Both Milo and Wohl are correct in different ways.  Wohl is correct that, due to feminism, woman are told to behave like men, which includes aping men’s proclivity for sexual promiscuity.  Feminism does offer greater access to casual sex, but this dubious “benefit” only accrues to, as Wohl points out, men who are “rich and strong.”  Thus, the dominance of the so-called “alpha male.”

What Milo perceives—correctly—is that this situation might be nice for the strong and wealthy, but it’s not sustainable for an enduring society.  You have too many men who will never meet those rigorous standards.  In a society that prioritizes “the superficial over the spiritual,” millions of men who are otherwise fine fellows effectively are frozen out of the sexual marketplace.

Similarly with the economic marketplace, as photog points out.  Kids sit at home vegging out on YouTube while their parents work long hours to make ends meet.  Dad only has a few minutes of exhausted driving time to get his overscheduled kid to soccer practice; mom is keeping some strange man’s schedule instead of raising her kids.

There was a time when a father working at a filling station could support a small family and own a home.  Now, both parents work, outsourcing child-rearing responsibilities to an insouciant daycare facility.  Thanks to our society’s mania for relocation for employment, parents might be thousands of miles away from their parents, who might otherwise assist in taking care of children while mom and dad are out making bacon.

As Marge Simpson’s therapist said, “It’s all a rich tapestry.”  But it will behoove us to pull as the threads of that tapestry to address this issue.  Our lives—and the quality thereof—depend on it.


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