The Desperate Search for Meaning, Part III: Progressive Power Crystals

As I watch my niece and nephews grow up, I often think about their practical and spiritual educations.  It’s heartening to hear the older two sing hymns of praise to God.  In an age of progressive indoctrination in public schools, they’re going to need a lot of prayers and Christian parenting to grow up to be men and women of God.  Fortunately, my brother and sister-in-law are no-nonsense Christian conservatives.

Unfortunately, many Americans 40 and under grew up with a great deal of relativistic hogwash, and have imbibed deeply from the solipsistic brew of the “if it feels good, do it” and “I can define my own truth” culture.  Satan comes as a being of light, surrounded by overpriced power crystals.

Not surprisingly, the Los Angeles Times has a long puff piece about New Age spirituality from a couple of days ago.  The piece, “How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals,” is a sobering account of how pervasive this nonsense is.

Much of the New Age movement is fundamentally progressive and radical in its assumptions, as it seems to be largely a reaction to traditional Christian religiosity and even capitalism.  Just consider Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, Oprah’s spiritual adviser who went viral when she said she would meet President Trump on the field of love, and love would win.  She actually pitched using crystals as a way to approach our medical problems.

Speaking of Williamson, the New Age movement is also heavily feminine (or feminist)—much like the paganism from which it takes its cues.  No wonder, then, that it’s all about collectivist ideologies like socialism; navel-gazing self-promotion; and pro-abortion child sacrifice.

That’s why the whole “Spirit Cooking” performance art performance leaked from the hacked Podesta e-mails created such consternation among conservatives.  From what I’ve read, it does seem that it was an extremely dark form of performance art, but otherwise innocent—that is, not explicitly demonic, or intended to be truly demonic (even if the ideas behind the optics were Satanic or occult in nature).  But given the players involved—a highly-ranked Democratic campaign manager and a coterie of bicoastal elite weirdos—it seemed plausible that Podesta and his ilk were into some weird, un-Christian stuff.

Even if our elites aren’t specifically Satanists, they’re certainly not Christians.  Their religion is progressivism, an jumble of ideologies that, at bottoms, rejects Christianity and its view of human nature.  Their gods are power and envy—just like Lucifer.


10 thoughts on “The Desperate Search for Meaning, Part III: Progressive Power Crystals

  1. Great job and I agree with your analysis. However, I vaguely remember Nancy Reagan being involved in some weird astrology stuff or something like that though that doesn’t necessarily mean “the great one” himself was or even encouraged it.

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  2. […] I’ve written quite a bit about Americans’ desperate search for meaning (also here), for a deeper spiritual Truth that motivates our culture and our lives.  Increasingly, Americans are abandoning traditional Christian faith, embracing instead alternative forms of spirituality, from the mundane and trite —“living your best life”—to sinister, like witchcraft. […]


  3. […] “The Desperate Search for Meaning, Part III: Progressive Power Crystal” – This post looked at an LA Times piece on New Age spirituality, and how it was replacing traditional Christianity as the “faith” of young Americans.  That’s all tied up with progressivism’s imperial and totalitarian ambitions—all off these anti-Christian, anti-American movements are of a piece, serving similar ends.  As I write at the end of the post: […]


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