TBT: New Summer, New Site

Today’s #TBT feature is a bit of a cop-out, a “recovery day” after yesterday’s lengthy post on Russell Kirk’s Six Principles of Conservatism, “What is Conservatism?”  That said, this little post—the first official post of the TPP 3.0 era—from 1 June 2019 relaunched the blog after a long hiatus.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already.

I originally launched The Portly Politico on Blogger back in April 2009.  Back then, everyone and their dog had a blog, and as I was facing unemployment, I guess 2009 me figured I had a lot of free time to kill.

It’s been fun since relaunching the blog, and especially in what I’m not dubbing the “TPP 3.1 Era”:  the era of daily posts.  Sure, there are weeks like this one where I have to phone it in a bit, but the exercise of writing regularly clarifies the mind wonderfully.

As I wrote Monday, I’ll be dedicating Saturday’s posts to my SubscribeStar page, with a brief “teaser” on this website.  This weekend I’ll be sharing my 2019 Reading List (check out the classic 2016 Reading List to prepare).

Well, that’s enough navel-gazing.  Here’s a bit more.  Enjoy “New Summer, New Site“:

In summer 2016, I relaunched the old Portly Politico blog, and put myself on a rigorous schedule, posting three times a week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—at 6:30 AM.  It was, for me, a daunting task, but the more I wrote, the more lucid and easily the words flowed.

It was a great experience, but with the school year starting, I fell behind, and never really did much with the site.  All that effort seemed wasted, even if I got a few good essays out of it.  Even in the wake the historic 2016 election, I couldn’t muster the time or energy to write regularly.

But now it’s time for new beginnings.  Henceforth, I’ll be posting new content here on WordPress, and I’ll use the old Blogger site as an archive.  All the great content you read in 2016 will still be available there, and all my sweet new content will appear here.

As such, I’d encourage you to take a moment to subscribe afresh to receive each post as I write them.

Thanks, and welcome to the new Portly Politico.



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