Championship Beef

One of my favorite writers, Roger Kimball, offers up a beefy analysis of President Trump’s fast food feast for the National Championship Clemson Tigers (the hardest words I’ve ever had to write); you can read it here:

Naturally, the Left is up in arms because, well, it’s Trump.  If President Barack Obama had served fast food burgers, we’d be reading think-pieces on The Root about the historical significance of fast food in the African-American community, and how the meal demonstrates Obama’s “cool, hip” side and authentic blackness.  Of course, because Trump does it, it’s probably racist.

I’ve seen all kinds of criticisms of this fun feast from Leftists.  One of the shots of the spread showed food in plastic containers, and—I kid you not—a Facebook Lefty with whom I’m acquainted complained about all the plastic, presumably because it’s bad for the environment (classist subtext:  food in plastic containers is for backwards rubes).

The president is also catching flak because he joked that if the First Lady had been in charge, the players would be eating salad.  Apparently, that’s a sexist remark.  Gimme a break.

You know these players loved eating Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, Whoppers, and Big Macs in the White House.

I sure would.  There are few things I enjoy more than a classic cheeseburger from McDonald’s.  It’s got everything you need (those onions are perfect), and it’s a no-fuss, quick, cost-effective meal.  Indeed, the McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburger is probably the most calories-per-dollar meal in human history.

Of course, progressives not-so-secretly find poverty distasteful—thus the abundance of the soy latte set among limousine liberals—and shudder at the food of us common folks.

Kudos to the president for this clever, whimsical gesture.

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