SubscribeStar Saturday: Feelin’ Musky

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It’s officialElon Musk owns Twitter!

After months of wrangling and negotiating, including Musk incorporating some dread game and walking away from the deal, it’s finally done.  Musk walked into Twitter headquarters last week carrying a kitchen sink, in a fun visual pun. It’s the kind of lighthearted whimsy for which the innovative billionaire is known.

The Left is melting down, thinking that a man who not long ago supported the Democratic Party is suddenly going to turn the platform into a recruiting site for Neo-Nazis (all four of them that actually exist).  No Leftists panicked when Jeff Bezos—a far less lovable, far more tyrannical—figure purchased The Washington Post, turning it into a propaganda organ for Amazon.

Ah, but Elon Musk supports free speech—or, at the very last, far freer speech than any progressive wants.  Free speech is anathema to the Left, because their ideology doesn’t hold up to the scrutiny of daylight.  Free inquiry undermines the carefully constructed narratives of the Left—human-caused climate change; diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE); systemic racism—and, therefore, represents a major threat to their political power and control.

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2 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Feelin’ Musky

  1. The temptation, now that Musk owns Twitter, of reactivating my account is very low for me. I didn’t leave Twitter because of free speech issues but because it can be awfully addictive and I knew that if I stayed, I’d never get anything done so I won’t be reactivating my account. I’m glad that Musk owns it and has sacked all the executives and directors who censored users and I wish him well with the platform but I won’t be returning. Not for some years at least.

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    • I hear you. I have a Twitter account, but it just reposts stuff from the blog. I do not engage with it regularly, and always found the format clunky.

      Still, it’s a major part of the online public square, so it’s good to see someone in charge of it that at least pays some well-intentioned lip service to the concept of free speech.


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