The RNC: Normality and Sanity

As an ostensible politics blogger I’ve been quite derelict in my duty to watch the Republican National Convention, at least with the kind of rapt attention I should.  I completely skipped out on the terrible Democratic National Convention, which was, by all appearances, a disaster in both form and substance.

That said, what I have seen is encouraging.  The theme of the RNC seems to be that a vote for Republicans is a vote for sanity, and that the Republicans are the party of normal people.  The implication, of course, is that the Democrats support insanity and the abnormal, which is objectively true.

The media has reported that the RNC is throwing out red meat for its base, but considering that Trump naturalized five immigrants and Tim Scott was calling for criminal justice and law enforcement reforms suggest otherwise.  If anything, the convention this year is a sales pitch to independents, who are no-doubt weary of seeing cities burn and cops reviled.

Whatfinger News features a video on its main page from Dr. Steve Turley, which details a recent poll in which President Trump has a ten-point lead among independents.  That’s a promising report, given the pro-Biden polls that show him up nationally.  Independents may be squishy and non-committal, but they swing elections.

The kind of insanity the Left caters is destructive—and sad.  The young people involved with Antifa, BLM, and other domestic terror organizations are trying to find some meaning in their lives, and they’re looking in the most demonic places possible.  The endorsement of gender reassignment surgery for children; the celebrations of abortion; the open contempt for our history, laws, and traditions; the hatred of Christianity—these are the kinds of wicked policies that unite the Left.

I pray that God continues to forestall His Judgment on this nation for rejecting Him, but perhaps judgment is what it will take to heal our land.  President Trump is no saint, but he loves this country and its history.  His election in 2016 was a miraculous reprieve.  The RNC this week is making a strong case for another four years of relief from Leftist insanity.


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