Delusional Crone (Almost) Divorces Husband over Trump

If you’re ready for your blood pressure to spike before you even eat your cholesterol-thick breakfast, here’s an example of the delusional loonies on the Left:  a California woman (almost) divorced her husband because he voted for Trump.

This story is a bit old, as it dates back to early 2017, but it’s indicative of where our nation is.  It not only demonstrates the intense loyalty of the Left to their progressive dogma, but also how cheaply marriage is held.

The short version is thus:  73-year old Gayle McCormick threatened seriously to divorce her husband of twenty-two years when she found out he voted for Trump (ultimately, they merely separated permanently).

From the article:

“It totally undid me that he could vote for Trump,” said McCormick, who added that she felt “betrayed.”

“I felt like I had been fooling myself,” she said. “It opened up areas between us I had not faced before.

“I realised how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

McCormick, who describes herself as a “Democrat leaning toward socialist,” has now separated from her conservative husband.

The rest of the piece is about dividing political opinions, and how family members stopped talking to each other, etc.  Such stories were common in 2017, and are a perennial favorite for lazy journalists around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But there are a few interesting (and tragic) elements to point out here:

  • Gayle McCormick gained here fifteen-minutes of fame for ditching her husband (who is probably a happier man now).  The Business Insider piece features a picture from a Reuters TV interview with McCormick.  In a past age, she’d be roundly mocked and ridiculed for dumping her husband on such flimsy grounds (and, ideally, such a frivolous reason for divorce would have been inadmissible and her divorce filing would have been denied).  Now she’s lauded for her bravery.
    • To that point, I found this article posted on Facebook, from a vague musician buddy.  Every reaction to it was a “heart” or a “like,” and not a few “laughing faces.”  The comments were universally supportive of this women.  These are people who think destroying marriages over Trump is a worthy and noble pursuit.  I’m sure to them it’s the ultimate virtue-signal.
    • And, further, what should we expect from people who support gay marriage, polyamory, and every other form of “alternative” sexual arrangement?  Marriage, in their mind, is at best a piece of paper from the government saying they’re normal; at best, it’s a patriarchal tool for oppression.  That’s important to remember:  gay marriage was never about gay marriage—it was about destroying marriage entirely.
  • After doing a bit more digging, it seems that McCormick didn’t even go through with the divorce, but you can be sure she would have made bank if she had.  The piece lists her occupation as a “retired prison guard,” but does not mention the husband’s job.  McCormick cited being “too old” as a reason for not finalizing the divorce, and she and her estranged husband still vacation together (!!).
    • It seems, then, that McCormick wants to have her cake and eat it, too.  She’s living in a cookie-cutter apartment in Washington State, but apparently still vacationing on her hubbie’s dime, enjoying the perks of marriage without any of the commitment or sacrifice.  I would bet money, too, that her husband is paying for her apartment.
    • Why was this floozy ever a prison guard?  Just look at her—she’s not big.  Outside of a women’s correctional facility, no woman who isn’t a full-blown lesbian should be working as a prison guard.  Further, do we want a Jailbird Bernie supporter watching over convicted felons?  Anecdotally, I worked one summer with a guy whose wife’s friend (okay, okay, I know that immediately discredits my story, but bear with me) worked as a security guard with male prisoners.  She would sympathize with the incarcerated felons and bring them snacks and such, and thought they were innocent.  Yeesh!  I can guarantee you McCormick was chummy with all of her wards.

That’s progressivism in a nutshell:  all perks, no sacrifice.  Let a woman who is nuts work in a prison around hardened felons.  Let her pick-and-choose the parts of her marriage she wants to enjoy, while living hundreds of miles from her husband.

Sheer insanity.  That’s progressive in a nutshell, too—or a nuthouse.

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